Fires in Yakutia: Avialesokhrana begins to blow up the forest to stop the fire

Fires in Yakutia: Avialesokhrana begins to blow up the forest to stop the fire
Fires in Yakutia: Avialesokhrana begins to blow up the forest to stop the fire

The heat from the flames is such that the trees burn like Bengal candles. Centuries-old spruce burns out in seconds. The pine forest burns on an area of ​​several tens of hectares. A forest fire is located in the area of ​​the taiga village of Kuerelyakh. The fire destroyed most of the relict forest. The peat bog caught fire.

"Damage has been caused to the fauna. Chicks, nests, small animals. They did not have time to escape. Some large animals even ended up in a fiery trap," says Ayil Dyulurga, head of the volunteer headquarters.

Firefighters' work does not end even at night. Volunteers went out to patrol the territory. They make sure that the flames do not spread over the fire-fighting trenches. Smoldering wood is poured with water.

Small foci are very dangerous. In a few hours, they can flare up and there will be a big fire here.

Volunteers work side by side with forest guards. The fire is extinguished from several points at once. A week ago, a resident of the village of Kuerelyakh, Nikolai Kovrov, came to the forest to save his hunting grounds. Almost suffered in the fire. Help arrived in time. Together with the volunteers, we defended the forest.

“It's scary, of course, especially when you go upstairs. Then there’s nothing to do, of course. You’re already running away. It’s good that we were given a tractor,” admits Nikolai Kovrov, a resident of the village of Kuerelyakh.

Today Yakutsk is again covered with smoke from forest fires. Visibility dropped to several hundred meters. The forest guard reported that a counter fire was used to extinguish fires. Residents of the city are asked to be patient. This is a compulsory measure. In Yakutia, more than two thousand people are fighting with fire. Avialesoohrana units from all over the country arrived in the republic. The day before, fires were extinguished with a total area of ​​130 thousand hectares.

"There is remoteness from the water. We are digging a strip to make annealing. Geologists once laid a clearing here. It helps us now. It helps to make a barrier between one strip of forest and a fire," explains Yuri Pshennikov, a paratrooper-firefighter of the Avialesokhrana.

Specialists of the department began to carry out blasting operations during the elimination of fires. An-26 "Cyclone" aircraft is also used for artificial precipitation. Be-200 and Il-76 planes dropped tens of tons of water on fires. Meteorologists predict that a cyclone will come to the region in a week, which will bring long-awaited rains. In the meantime, the forces of the fire-fighting group are working in an emergency mode.

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