Flood in Transbaikalia: damage for tens of millions of rubles

Flood in Transbaikalia: damage for tens of millions of rubles
Flood in Transbaikalia: damage for tens of millions of rubles

On Monday, July 26, in Transbaikalia, train traffic was opened on one of the branches of the Trans-Siberian Railway, interrupted last week by a powerful wave of flood. Heavy rains hit the region and caused severe floods. As a result, the railway bridge on the Kuenga-Ukurei stretch collapsed. Hundreds of houses were flooded in two districts. The President instructed the government to do everything necessary to eliminate the consequences of the emergency and help people. Also, the head of state asked to resume the movement of trains on the Trans-Siberian Railway within five days.

It took two days to restore traffic along the destroyed section of the Transsib. The Areda River washed away the railway bridge on the Kuenga-Ukurei section of the Trans-Baikal Railway. Heavy equipment and hundreds of specialists worked in difficult weather conditions around the clock. All this time, rescuers have been delivering food, medicine and fuel to the flood-affected areas. Passenger buses were launched bypassing the destroyed site. Aviation delivered many passengers to their destinations. In the coming days, they promise to launch the second branch of the railway.

But the floods in the region did not end. In the Shilkinsky region of Transbaikalia, the Kiya river overflowed its banks. The town of Shilka and several other settlements came under attack from several directions at once.

According to the owner of the house, Alexei Ruzhnikov, the water in his house was at a high level. You can see it on the walls. The young couple have almost just finished the renovation. They say they just recovered after the 2018 flood. Now they are racking their brains about how to live on.

In one of the districts, more than 1,700 houses were flooded. The 68-year-old Valery Novikov showed his possessions. The water rose so quickly that the owner did not even have time to get the car out of the garage. During the flood, he was injured.

Emergency Situations Ministry employees go around the affected yards, help to disassemble the rubble. A damage assessment commission is working in the region.

"Today, we already have exactly 10 houses claiming 50 thousand - this is a partial loss of property. 64 houses in the city of Shilka alone - a complete loss of property. Work continues. I think this figure will grow in a very rapid progression now," commented the head of Shilkinsky district, chairman of the Committee for Emergency Situations in the Shilkinsky district Sergey Vorobyov.

The third flood wave in Transbaikalia turned out to be much more destructive than the two previous ones. 11 bridges were demolished, including a railway one, 7 sections of major roads were washed out. About 8 thousand people were injured. The damage, according to local authorities, will amount to tens of millions of rubles.

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