Storm cyclone covered regions of Siberia

Storm cyclone covered regions of Siberia
Storm cyclone covered regions of Siberia

Novoaltaisk. Siberians, with their characteristic optimism, discuss the positive aspects of the last downpour. Just think - the whole yard is under water, but the children are happy! I suppose that the weather caused much less enthusiasm among the workers of one shopping center in Kemerovo.

Heavy rains, sometimes with hail, covered Siberia on Monday night. The intensity of precipitation at local meteorological stations exceeded half the monthly norm in 24 hours! The downpour was literally a wall. Certain districts of Kyzyl, Novosibirsk, Barnaul drowned. However, this cyclone has just begun to affect the weather in the region.

In fact, it spun over the Urals last week. But for a long time a vast anticyclone did not pass it to the east.

Now the zone of increased pressure is weakening, and this allowed the vortex to move eastward. Today, its cloudy fields have already stretched from Taimyr to the southern tip of Lake Baikal. The heaviest rains are expected in the Far North.

This forecast is unambiguously positive for eastern Siberia. There, under the influence of the anticyclone, heat and drought persisted for a long time. As a result, wildfires spread over a huge area.

Alas, the clouds will not get to Yakutia - the most burning region of Russia at the moment - an area of ​​increased pressure will retain its power there. But the regions south of the republic will be covered by precipitation.

For example, in the Irkutsk region, where about 40 thousand hectares of forest are on fire, it is still hot today or tomorrow. In Irkutsk: + 28..30. But a cold front will break through here on Thursday. The temperature will drop sharply, a thunderstorm and a very heavy downpour are expected, which will certainly lower the level of fire danger in the Baikal region.

Alas, cyclone intrusion is not good news for all regions.

To the east of Lake Baikal there is another zone of rather dense cloud cover. This is a consequence of the sharpening of the polar front caused by the activity of already Pacific cyclones. So, a vortex coming from the west will flow into this zone and increase precipitation in the Amur basin.

But there is an extremely difficult flood situation there. Showers in the area of ​​the polar front have already caused floods in the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Amur Region. More than a thousand residential buildings were flooded, a railway bridge collapsed in Transbaikalia, and more than 400 freight trains had to be stopped.

And so far, one cannot count on improving the situation. Precipitation will continue throughout the week. For example, in Blagoveshchensk, up to 25 mm can result in five days. Improvement is possible only on Thursday, when the thunderstorms subside for a short time, and the air warms up to +30 degrees.

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