USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge: Nibiru will devastate the Earth

USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge: Nibiru will devastate the Earth
USGS climatologist Dr. Ethan Trowbridge: Nibiru will devastate the Earth

NASA has been hiding Nibiru "for 30 years" and withholding the truth about Planet X. The US space agency NASA is involved in a major cover-up on the existence of a rogue planet that could destroy humanity.

A former scientist from the US Geological Survey recently announced that he violated a non-disclosure agreement in order to warn humanity about the danger of the approaching planet.

Dr. Ethan Trowbridge worked for a US government agency for over 10 years, and it was there that he learned about the imminent catastrophe emanating from the planet Nibiru, which, he claims, consists of a brown dwarf star and seven planets.

According to Dr. Trowbridge, the USGS and NASA knew of the planet's approach at least thirty years ago and, along with other government agencies, entered into a criminal conspiracy to hide its existence.

"The US Geological Survey learned about Nibiru after this information came from NASA" - Ethan Trowbridge.

“We were instructed to check if the abnormal climate change is related to the influence of this celestial body, and research has proven this connection,” he said.

He added that only a few members of the US Geological Survey are aware that this "mythical" planet really exists.

He said: "This information is highly classified, and all documents and information concerning it are fragmented and divided into departments, so that people working with fragments of this information cannot understand its purpose."

"I think maybe forty or fifty employees have a real idea of what's going on."

Dr. Trowbridge calls the sharp rise in sea level, sudden changes in temperature and the melting of polar ice as proof of the influence of Nibiru on our planet.

He believes that Nibiru will irreversibly change our planet.

He added: "Nibiru will devastate the Earth."

The myth of the planet Nibiru originated in 1976 when the writer Zechariah Sitchin stated that two ancient Middle Eastern cultures - the Babylonians and the Sumerians - talked about the giant planet Nibiru, which orbited the Sun every 3600 years.

This theory was then ridiculed by the scientific community. But then reputable astronomers at the California Institute of Technology announced that they had found evidence of a real planet with a mass 10 times the mass of the Earth, hiding in the outer regions of the solar system.

Trowbridge first contacted influential media for this interview in 2018. Reporters contacted the US Geological Survey for confirmation of Ethan Trowbridge's work there, and received confirmation. The US Geological Survey declined to "comment on the statements of its former employees." journalists turned to NASA, but they refused to comment there either, saying that they were not going to comment on the "myths".

Dr. Trowbridge earned his degree from Iowa State University. He spent fourteen years at the USGS, a government-sponsored science agency that studies the Earth's landscape, its natural resources and, most importantly, the natural hazards that threaten it.

The US Geological Survey is administered by the Department of the Interior; this is the only scientific direction of this department. His responsibilities include cataloging and analyzing changes on Earth associated with gradual and abrupt climate change.

During his tenure at this agency, Dr. Trowbridge directed its Geomagnetism Program and Division of Basic Sciences. it was there that he learned about Nibiru - a term associated with a system consisting of a brown dwarf and seven planets orbiting it.

The Nibiru system, Dr. Trowbridge learned, revolves around our Sun every 3600 years. Its elongated elliptical orbit relative to our Southern Hemisphere makes it nearly impossible to detect, track, and mathematically calculate a specific arrival.

Trowbridge's testimony corroborates the claims of astronomer Paul Cox (who was expelled from the "scientific community" for this) and several NASA scientists who risked their careers and claimed that "Nibiru" is also "Planet-X" and aka "Planet-X" 9 "- poses a serious danger to the Earth.

According to Dr. Trowbridge, the US Geological Survey and NASA knew about Nibiru for at least thirty years and, together with other government agencies, conspired to hide the existence of Nibiru.

Trowbridge says: “The USGS learned about Nibiru after NASA. When we have submitted so many reports detailing the abnormal climate change, they, I believe, with permission, have told us what is really happening. This information is highly fragmented. I think forty or fifty people inside the state structures understand what is happening. The rest are kept in the dark, fed with lies. The earth is in danger now,"

Dr. Trowbridge does not absolve himself of responsibility, but says that he is trying to correct what he himself was involved in this cover-up. According to him, the US Geological Survey concocted a sophisticated lie to hide the true nature of the radical climate change associated with the Nibiru approach.

For example, he attended meetings during which senior White House officials and NASA scientists collaborated with the US Geological Survey to develop another startling deception for humanity: blaming human over-dependence on fossil fuels and other alleged causes of unexplained climate change. such as emissions of chlorofluorocarbons. in atmosphere.

Dr. Trowbridge cites rising sea levels, sudden temperature changes and melting polar ice caps as evidence of Nibiru's impact on our planet.

It is difficult to argue with this, since it is already obvious to everyone that in 2021 there is an alarming increase in unexplained, extreme and abnormal weather events.