South Africa breaks 19 cold temperature records

South Africa breaks 19 cold temperature records
South Africa breaks 19 cold temperature records

South Africa has broken 19 cold weather records as a cold front and snow fell in parts of the country this week.

According to the South African Meteorological Service, 19 districts in the country have broken records for minimum temperatures, with some cities on Friday hitting the coldest temperatures seen half a century ago.

At Kimberley and Warmbad Toowoomba, temperatures were recorded below freezing. In Kimberley, the temperature reached a record low of -9.9 C, and at Warmbad Toowoomba -5.6 C, breaking the previous minimum of -5.5 C, recorded on July 6, 1964.

In Johannesburg, temperatures dropped to -7 C, well below the previous record of -6.3 on July 19, 1995.

View the complete SAWS table with 19 cold temperature records here:

Additional records include Krronstad, where temperatures dropped to -8 C, and Bronkhorstsprut AWS, where temperatures dropped to -7.4, according to SAWS.

Millions of South Africans across the country have experienced the bitter chill of winter, from Gauteng to Kimberley in the North Cape, where snow fell on Thursday 22 July.

The Eastern Cape was hit hardest by a blizzard this week. The Penhook passes on the N6, Lutsberg on the N9 and Wapadsberg on the R61 were closed on Thursday morning. In the meantime, drivers were advised to exercise extreme caution when driving on the R56 highway and across the Niko Malan Pass.

Other parts of the Northern Cape have had a fairly decent amount of snow. Snowfalls are rare in the area, but early in the day, locals got a complete picture of what winter is. Sporadic snowfalls occurred this week in parts of the Western Cape.

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