Heavy snowfalls and frosts hit Australia

Heavy snowfalls and frosts hit Australia
Heavy snowfalls and frosts hit Australia

Heavy snow fell over the weekend in the highlands of Australia, and the country's southeastern states experienced the lowest temperatures on record.

Hotham Ski Resort in Victoria posted photos showing heavy snowfall on Sunday.

"Mother Nature has worked hard to bring our base to 133 cm (4.4 feet)," the resort wrote in its post.

Snowfall has been reported even in South Australia - "a very unusual occurrence," according to meteorologists.

Snow has been falling continuously on the Australian mountains over the past week, but the heaviest snowfalls are yet to come.

Weather forecasts show heavy snowfall in Australia over the next 48-72 hours in at least 9 ski resorts, including Falls Creek, Hotham, Mount Buller, Perisher and Thredbo, with the heaviest snowfall expected on Wednesday evening (28 July).

According to the forecast, more than a meter of snow will fall in the southeast of the country by the beginning of August.

If we look even further ahead, then after a short-term warming in the central and northern regions, with the transition of the calendar to August, Australia will be swept by another round of cold, spreading to the entire continent.

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