Heavy rains cause flooding in Switzerland

Heavy rains cause flooding in Switzerland
Heavy rains cause flooding in Switzerland

Heavy rains and thunderstorms mainly in the central part of Switzerland led to flooding of buildings, the most difficult situation is observed in the cantons of Lucerne and Zug.

Lucerne police said a heavy hailstorm hit the canton on Saturday afternoon, flooding streets and buildings.

"The Lucerne Police Operations Center has received more than 210 incident reports … Currently, there are 19 fire brigades in the canton of Lucerne. At the moment, there are no casualties," the statement says.

It is noted that due to the consequences of bad weather, some sections of the roads are blocked.

Police in the canton of Zug also reported thunderstorms and hailstorms. According to her, several basements, underground garages and streets in five municipalities were under water in a short time.

"Some sections of the road had to be temporarily closed because of the large amount of water … Fire brigades in the affected municipalities are constantly working. There have been no reports of casualties yet," the Zug police said in a statement.

Social media users share footage of the consequences of the bad weather. The published videos and photos show flooded streets and basements of buildings, washed-out roads, and partially submerged cars.

Prior to that, on 13 July, bad weather led to a disruption in public transport in Zurich. Then the Swiss cantons of Uri and Bern also suffered from heavy rains.

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