Downpours in London flooded roads and subway stations

Downpours in London flooded roads and subway stations
Downpours in London flooded roads and subway stations

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued five flood warnings in the south of England and 19 flood warnings, including parts of Wales. Heavy rains flooded roads and tube stations in London after thunderstorms that hit southern England on Sunday.

Barts Health NHS announced a serious incident after flooding caused problems at Whipps Cross Hospital and Newham Hospital in the east of the city.

The organization said in a statement: “We are working closely with our local partners to resolve issues and provide patient care, and while services remain accessible to people in emergencies, patients are asked to visit alternative hospitals where they can to help us as quickly as possible. find help."

According to a journalist for Agence France Presse, police had to block a road in south-west London, where three double-decker buses got stuck under a railway bridge. The driver said the passengers had to get off the bus after his bus started to draw water.

Other motorists in Walthamstow, northeast London, were forced to abandon their cars.

It is also reported that some residents were waist-deep in water in their homes, and rescue services were called to rescue them.

Portobello Road in west London has also been flooded, according to social media posts.

Rain gauges from the Meteorological Office and the Environmental Protection Agency reported 48.5 mm (1.9 inches) of rain in one hour in Bettersden, Kent between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm Sunday. In Ryde, Isle of Wight, 38.5 mm fell in one hour, and in some parts of London and surrounding counties - 20-30 mm in one hour.

The London Fire Brigade said it answered 300 flood-related calls in just a few hours on Sunday.

The Standon Calling Music Festival, which was held in Hertfordshire and seated 15,000 people, was canceled due to flooding.

Standon Kulling tweeted: "If you can safely leave the site tonight, please do so as soon as possible. We are working to ensure that everyone leaves the site as quickly and safely as possible."

The festival said it expected "significant delays" in leaving the site and warned festival-goers not to drive while intoxicated.

The Environmental Protection Agency on Sunday issued five flood warnings in southern England and 19 flood warnings, including in parts of Wales. The yellow thunderstorm warning was in effect until midnight Sunday and extended south of the country from Norwich to Plymouth.

An amber thunderstorm warning was previously issued by the Meteorological Office for parts of southeast England, including the London area, during Sunday afternoon and early evening.

According to meteorologist Stephen Kites, thunderstorms are caused by converging air currents, as the heat generated on the surface of the Earth as a result of the recent heat wave, rises upward and meets colder air in the atmosphere.

Forecasters said Monday will be a "slightly quieter" day in the south of the country, with a few localized heavy rainfalls and a few heavier downpours in the north of the UK.

However, erratic weather will continue for the coming week and rain and thunderstorm warnings may be issued on Tuesday and beyond.