"I saw an alien inside a space shuttle," says retired NASA employee

"I saw an alien inside a space shuttle," says retired NASA employee
"I saw an alien inside a space shuttle," says retired NASA employee

Clark K. McClelland claims to have witnessed a meeting of NASA astronauts with an alien 2.7 meters tall.

McClelland says he worked for NASA as a spacecraft operator at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. During his career, he has participated in 650 flights in the framework of the Mercury and Apollo programs, as well as the Space Shuttle program.

It was during one of the Space Shuttle missions that he witnessed a close meeting of NASA astronauts with a tall alien.

According to his account, McClelland was watching the flight from his desk at the Kennedy Launch Control Center when he saw something he shouldn't have seen:

"I, Clark K. McClelland, a former ScO [spacecraft operator], Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed the 2.5 - 2.7 meter alien on my 27" video monitors while on duty at Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center (LCC)."

“The alien was standing right in the shuttle's payload bay and talking to two strapped-in NASA US astronauts! I also watched on my monitors the alien spacecraft, which was in a stabilized, safe orbit behind the Space Shuttle's main engine compartments.

"I watched this incident for about one minute and seven seconds. Enough time to remember everything I saw. It was an alien starship."

McClelland argues that he could not be wrong, as his experience guarantees his competence in "visually recognizing ships made by the human race, both secret and otherwise."

According to him, he was not the only official who witnessed the meeting. Some time after the incident, one of his friends confessed to him that he saw the same alien inside the shuttle's crew compartment.

McLelland says, "The aliens here on Earth, they walk among us. They may have been introduced to our various Earth governments."

NASA has made no claims to deny his work, and he has photographs and documents that actually corroborate his claims of a long career with the space agency.

He goes on to say that NASA is not a civilian agency:

"The Pentagon is owned by NASA. Some of the DoD (Department of Defense) missions I participated in were top secret. These missions carried TS satellites and other space equipment into orbit, where several crews met with aliens."

According to him, NASA, which is under the control of the Department of Defense, is hiding key information about contacts with aliens, while the United States has long maintained a secret military alliance with at least one alien race.

McClelland says he maintained a close friendship with NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, one of the first space pioneers and the sixth man to set foot on the moon.

Mitchell was a supporter of the existence of aliens and their presence on Earth. In 1998, at a conference in Connecticut, he said that "90 percent sure that many of the thousands of UFOs recorded since the 1940s belong to guests from other planets."

Mitchell is just one of many astronauts who openly express their views on the alien phenomenon.

Recently, during a live broadcast from the ISS, an alien ship was seen departing from the International Space Station and many UFOs accompanying all launches, both state and private objects.

Could the ISS serve as a meeting place for aliens that the seven billion people below are unaware of? And could it be that these 7 billion have long been ruled by aliens who occupy the main leadership positions?

Such assumptions no longer seem fantastic. Taking into account the information about the close cooperation of earthly governments with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, much of what is happening on earth becomes clear.

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