An ancient tomb was found in the catacombs near Kharkov

An ancient tomb was found in the catacombs near Kharkov
An ancient tomb was found in the catacombs near Kharkov

In the Kharkiv region, archaeologists have discovered a 9th century burial. The tomb of the times of the Khazar Kaganate was found by archaeologists of the V. Karazin Kharkiv National University in the territory of the village of Verkhniy Saltov, writes "Suspilne".

According to the head of the expedition, Valery Skirda, this is the first tomb that has not been plundered in the last 15 years.

The family is supposedly buried in the tomb.

"The bodies of four people were found here: one man, two women and a child. They lived in the 9th century," Valery Skirda said.

According to him, the burial was perfectly preserved. In particular, the remains of leather shoes were preserved on one of the victims. Also found in the tomb were beads, bronze bells, buttons and coins that were used as decorations.

After the completion of the expedition, the burial will be buried. All found artifacts will be transferred to the archaeological museum of Karazin University: they will be restored for an exhibition to be held in October.

Reference. In 1900, VA Babenko, a rural school teacher, while clearing the slope of one of the ravines in Verkhniy Saltov, which was washed out by water, discovered a fairly well-preserved ancient catacomb burial. On the site of a modern village in the VIII-X centuries. there was a large city, next to which there were catacomb and earthen burial grounds, huge in area, left by the population of different ethnic origins.

Excavations carried out in the post-war period revealed that there are the remains of an ancient medieval city that was part of the Khazar Kaganate. According to the name of the village, the discovered archaeological site was named Saltovskoe settlement, and the corresponding archaeological culture was called Saltovo-Mayatskoy.

The culture dates back to the Iron Age and dates back to the mid-8th - early 10th centuries. There are up to 40,000 catacombs here.

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