Why is it worth treating breast cancer abroad - in Korea?

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Why is it worth treating breast cancer abroad - in Korea?
Why is it worth treating breast cancer abroad - in Korea?

Breast cancer is a common female cancer. The likelihood of developing a tumor is in every eighth woman in the world. Breast cancer today is not a death sentence! Medicine has made a huge step forward in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

Causes of breast cancer:

  • maternal genetic predisposition. According to statistics, it manifests itself in 40% of cases up to fifty years and 80% - up to seventy years;
  • hormonal background. Lack of childbirth and experience of breastfeeding, repeated abortions, late menopause, etc. increase the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • lack of regular sex life;
  • taking contraceptive drugs (increased risk by 35% when used from 8 years old);
  • trauma and damage to the chest.

South Korea Shows Success In Breast Cancer Treatment 95%… For comparison, in Russia there are only 50% of effective outcomes. Therefore, Russians prefer to treat breast cancer abroad - in Korea. Price for examination and treatment in Korean clinics 20-30% lowerthan in Europe and America.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Korea

The risk group for the appearance of breast cancer includes:

  • elderly people;
  • patients with a benign breast tumor;
  • patients with oncology;
  • people with bad habits.

Examination in Korean hospitals lasts 2-3 days and includes:

  • Visual inspection (palpation, breast size and symmetry, skin color and condition).
  • Breast ultrasound in the presence of seals on palpation.
  • Mammography - the basic type of survey to detect changes in the initial stages.
  • Biopsy education to determine the presence or absence of a tumor and the most effective therapy.

After confirmation of oncology, further research is carried out: 64-channel CT, MRI and PET-CT. These diagnostic methods can indicate the exact location and size of the tumor and detect metastases.

Breast cancer treatment in Korea

Breast cancer therapy in South Korea is prescribed by a team of qualified doctors. They take into account the test results, the age and state of health of the patient, the presence of contraindications and the degree of the disease.

  1. Hormone therapy to reduce the production of estrogen and reduce tumor growth.
  2. Immunotherapy. Taking medications to increase human immunity and the body's resistance to cancer cells.
  3. Radiation therapy. Destruction of tumor cells and metastases.
  4. Chemotherapy. The doctor selects drugs individually for each patient. The procedure is carried out before and after the operation.
  5. Operation. Complete or partial removal of the breast, depending on the course of the disease. After surgery, breast augmentation can be done in Korea.
  6. Minimally invasive methods. Aimed at the complete preservation of the organ and removal of the tumor without incisions and blood loss.

Rehabilitation period

Rehabilitation after breast cancer treatment in Korea lasts about 1.5-2 months in comfortable wards with the necessary living conditions. For a more successful recovery, patients are advised to light massage and health exercises.

It provides emotional and psychological assistance to patients and their families. This is one of the key advantages of Korean clinics.

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