A dignified old age in a private nursing home "Good Hands" in Kharkov

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A dignified old age in a private nursing home "Good Hands" in Kharkov
A dignified old age in a private nursing home "Good Hands" in Kharkov

Professional care for the elderly in Kharkov is offered by the Dobrye Ruki private nursing home https://dom-pansion.com.ua/. The guests of this institution receive not only competent care, medical assistance, but also psychological support, warmth and attention, which the elderly need so much.

Accommodation program

The program of living in the institution is thought out to the smallest detail and includes everything you need for a dignified and carefree old age. The following types of services are provided to the guests of the center:

  1. Household maintenance - room cleaning, laundry, ironing, bed linen change.
  2. Providing tasty and varied food. The menu is made by a nutritionist, taking into account the wishes of the guests themselves and the specific needs of the body of elderly people.
  3. Medical care - regular preventive examinations, setting of droppers, enemas, injections, monitoring the intake of medications, providing medical care. The institution has all the conditions for a therapeutic course, rehabilitation after injuries, operations, heart attacks, strokes.
  4. Caring for disabled and bedridden patients - in addition to medical care, includes assistance in movement, hygiene procedures, eating, changing diapers, underwear and bed linen. Professional nurses carry out measures to prevent bedsores and the development of stagnant phenomena.

  5. Leisure activities - animation classes, festive and cultural events are held in the center. Walking in the fresh air, physical education, drawing, handicrafts, reading, board games - each of the guests will be able to find activities to their liking.

The living conditions should be noted separately. The specialists of the institution take care of the comfort and safety of their wards. Guests live in cozy rooms, furnished in a home style, equipped with modern furniture and appliances.

On the territory there is a park for walking, a library, a gym. The atmosphere in the boarding house is calm, homely, and pacifying. The staff of the center know how to find an approach to each guest, surround their wards with comprehensive care and attention.

Why us?

Among other specialized institutions of a similar profile, the "Good Hands" Kharkiv Nursing Home has the following advantages:

  • convenient location and flexible working hours;

  • a staff of experienced, highly qualified specialists;
  • a wide range of services provided;
  • the possibility of both permanent and temporary registration of guests;
  • an individual approach to each pensioner;
  • reasonable prices available for most Ukrainian families;
  • striving to improve the quality of life of older people and prolong active longevity;
  • comfortable living conditions for guests;
  • providing psychological assistance.

Present your loved one with a dignified old age, filled with joy and positive emotions, by registering him in a private boarding house "Good Hands".