Armed forces of the USSR against UFOs

Armed forces of the USSR against UFOs
Armed forces of the USSR against UFOs

When the era of glasnost began, it became known that the most formidable department of the USSR - the KGB - was collecting documents related to UFOs. The proof is the so-called. "Blue package" - documents of the KGB, declassified in October 1991 at the request of the famous cosmonaut Pavel Popovich, who twice visited orbit.

It turned out that the very fact of the existence of a UFO was repeatedly attested by both Soviet military personnel and local residents. UFOs were observed both from the ground and from the air, and were recorded on radar screens. The Blue Pack documents describe a ton of UFO sightings.

1984, Turkestan Military District. In the Astrakhan region, the air defense system detected an object flying at an altitude of about 2000 m along the Caspian coast towards the border with Iran. The object resembled a ball in shape. He did not answer the requests of “friend or foe”.

Two fighters took to the air, but attempts to shoot down the balloon were unsuccessful. Moreover, when the object was fired upon, it dropped to hundreds of meters above the ground, and at such a height the aircraft could not hit the target. Interestingly, despite the shelling, the object's speed did not change. The balloon passed at low altitude and over several military units, which made it possible to shoot it on film.

On the way to Krasnovodsk, they tried to shoot down the object from a helicopter. But he quickly went up and hovered at an altitude unattainable for a helicopter. Having shot the ammunition, the helicopter went to land, and the balloon moved abruptly to the sea and was lost both by radars and visually.

A year passed, and in the Krasnovodsk region, the radar station of Captain Valuev registered a disk-shaped object at an altitude of about 20 thousand meters. Its diameter reached 1000 m. The object hung motionless, and after a while a small disk about 5 m in diameter flew out of it, which subsequently landed on the Krasnovodsk Spit.

The boats of the Caspian military flotilla rushed towards it, but when they approached the spit about a hundred meters, the disk rose and flew off about a kilometer. The boats again approached him, and he got up again and flew off to the side. And so - five times. And then the object rose with great speed, its mark on the radar screen coincided with the mark of a large UFO, after which it went into space.

“On November 25, 1986 at 12.50 Moscow time, the air traffic control service and the military flight control sector of the Magadan airport discovered an unidentified target,” reads a report from the Blue Package. - At this time, an An-12 aircraft was flying towards it at an altitude of 7200 m, which was warned by the traffic service of an oncoming target.

After the divergence of the aircraft with the target, it turned to the right in the direction of Shelikhov Bay with an increase in speed to 900-1000 km / h. At 12:58 the target's speed began to increase again and after a few minutes it reached 3000 km / h. At this speed, the target went to the Kamchatka area and at a distance of 150 km from the coastline disappeared from the radar coverage area”.

And here is another document: on May 23, 1985, during scheduled training flights in the 277th bomber aviation regiment (Khurba airfield, Khabarovsk Territory) at 22 hours 35 minutes. In local time, an unidentified elliptical flying object of pale orange color was observed near the airfield, which was moving at a speed of 500-600 km / h at an altitude of 200-300 m in the direction from west to east. The object was observed by the head of the flights, Lieutenant Colonel A. Alifanov, the head of actions in the near zone, Captain A. Shevnin, the head of the meteorological group of the regiment, Captain V. Stikin …

The next day at 0:40 at the "Litovko" training ground (Khabarovsk Territory), senior navigator Major VV Kudryavtsev.and the engineer of the meteorological group, Senior Lieutenant V.V. Maltsev. a similar phenomenon was observed for 10-12 minutes.

The elliptical object, from which the light rays emitted up and down, had a white-matte color. The lower rays were much brighter than the upper ones. The object was moving at high altitude and at high speed.

In early August 1987, five officers from the Leningrad Military District. left with a special assignment to the north of Karelia. The task consisted in the survey, protection and escort of an object of unknown origin, discovered shortly before that on the territory of an aviation military unit near Vyborg and placed in a special hangar.

The object was about 14 m long, 4 m wide, and 2.5 m high. There were no doors, hatches, or windows on the object. Attempts to open the case were unsuccessful. We tried to separate several protruding parts from the hull, but only managed to extract some rods from the stern. At the end of September, the object disappeared from the hangar without a trace.

On September 30, 1989, a long article about UFOs appeared in the Sochi newspaper Chernomorskaya Zdravnitsa. It said that in July of that year, the crews of four aircraft independently observed two flying saucers high in the sky. They maneuvered and even changed shape with incredible ease.

On this occasion, in the "Blue package" there is such an explanatory note from the air traffic controller: “I, Stepanyan R.Kh., at about 14.40 on 26.07.89 received information from the crew of an aircraft following from the direction of Simferopol that they were observing unidentified objects at a distance of 30-50 km. By radio communication, the pilots said: “To our left there are two objects hanging. First there was one object, then a second appeared next to it. They are now quickly leaving - one almost strictly square, the other elongated in the shape of a diamond. Then they began to disperse. Here they are on the left, behind, the interval between us is increasing …”.

October 21, 1989, - reads another document, - in the area of ​​the village of Burkhala, Yagodninsky district, Magadan region. several local residents observed UFOs. In the area of ​​the power transmission line, the object abruptly changed course and went up.

One of the eyewitnesses, who had previously served at the Baikonur cosmodrome, estimated the speed of the object in the range of 1000 km / h and noted that none of the aircraft known to him could make such evolutions. Flying over the eyewitnesses, the object significantly reduced its speed, which made it possible to examine it in more detail. The flight was completely silent. Along the contour of the object, there were, as it were, parking lights in the amount of seven or nine pieces.

Another document in the "Blue package" has a rather boring title: "On anomalous manifestations in the Aleksandrovsky district of the Vladimir region."

It says: “On March 21, 1990, the Aleksandrovsky City Department of Internal Affairs received a number of telephone calls from residents of the city and the district with information about the appearance of UFOs in the air. When clarifying the information, it was established that a fairly large number of residents of the cities of Aleksandrovo, Strunino, Karabanovo, the villages of Arsaki, Zhuklino and other settlements on March 21 of this year. in the period from 20.00 to 23.30 they witnessed the flights of one (in some cases - two) UFOs, the configuration of which is difficult to describe.

Their flight was accompanied by periodic white flashes of light, reminiscent of the glow of electric arc welding, with an interval of two to three seconds. In the city of Karabanovo, one of the UFOs allegedly hovered over the "eternal flame" of the memorial to the fallen soldiers, and the emitted light pulse illuminated the earth's surface."

A fighter, piloted by a first class pilot, Lieutenant Colonel A.A. Semenchenko, was raised to meet the aforementioned UFOs. He flew past one of the saucers and against the background of the lights of Pereslavl-Zalessky saw a black case with two white flashing lights.

Soon the report of the lieutenant colonel appeared on the pages of the main military newspaper of the USSR "Krasnaya Zvezda".It confirmed that the author had visually detected an unidentified target, indicated by two bright white flashing lights. “The target changed direction of flight and altitude within 1000 m,” he wrote.

Those. it turned out that an experienced pilot observed a mysterious object and could not identify it. Thus, the fact of the existence of unidentified flying objects was confirmed once again, and in a widely distributed and very popular newspaper.

No less UFOs were observed at sea.

Vladimir Chernavin, Admiral of the Fleet, former Commander-in-Chief of the USSR Navy, Hero of the Soviet Union, recalls:

“In 1978 I was the commander of the Northern Fleet. And at this time, somehow especially often I received reports from ships about various incomprehensible phenomena at sea. Simply put, about what we call unidentified objects. I gave the order to the fleet: to report in detail about all unidentified phenomena. With a description of the time and place where it happened, indicate who was watching and what. Later, we developed a single instruction that was distributed to all ships. The collected data was sent to the Main Headquarters of the Navy. As the experts later told me, we were the first to issue such an instruction in the Navy and conduct a systematic collection of UFO data”.

Evgeny Litvinov, a former member of the special commission of the General Staff of the Navy, a retired captain of the 1st rank, recalls:

“I used to be skeptical about UFO reports. However, in the winter of 1977/78, after disk-shaped vehicles were hanging over the submarine base in Zapadnaya Litsa every week, even the country's top military leadership began to listen to this information. By the way, the chief of reconnaissance of the Northern Flotilla, Captain 1st Rank Berezhnoy, ordered to take pictures of UFOs, but every one of the films turned out to be overexposed.

The Navy has seen UFOs as much as the rest of the troops. In December 1977, near New Guinea, the crew of the Vasily Kiselev vessel saw a donut-shaped object about half a kilometer in diameter rise out of the water! The locator and radio communication immediately went out of order. The giant bagel hung over the ship for about three hours, after which it disappeared.

At about the same time, the crew of the Project 671 nuclear submarine under the command of Alexei Korzhev met with the UFO. At 50 m from the boat, a silvery disk hovered, from which, contrary to all the laws of physics, a beam slowly lowered onto the water. There are many such cases …"

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