Wildfire smoke engulfed most of the United States

Wildfire smoke engulfed most of the United States
Wildfire smoke engulfed most of the United States

Recently, residents have been watching strange sunsets in New Mexico, where the sun looks like a molten red ball dropping westward. This is one symptom of bushfire smoke in the sky and a sign of another brutal bushfire season in the United States.

On Tuesday, the National Weather Service branch in Aberdeen, South Dakota tweeted: “You've probably noticed that the sky is constantly hazy lately. country".

Besides apocalyptic sunsets and orange skies, smoke from wildfires can affect air quality far from the fire site. Wildfires, many of which are blazing in the western United States, were triggered by severe drought and extreme heat.

The National Weather Service has shared a fire and smoke map from the AirNow air quality monitoring site. Noteworthy are the wide gray stripes, denoting the smokiness of the territory of the USA and Canada, as well as many marked areas of forest fires, indicated by orange icons.

The massive Bootleg fire in Oregon is one example of just how bad the bushfire season of 2021 is. As a result of the fire, hundreds of thousands of acres were burned and a huge amount of smoke rose into the air. The fire is localized only by 30%.

The smoke may linger for a while. "Wildfire activity continues in 13 states, with 83 major fires burning 1,293,636 acres," according to a report from the National Inter-Agency Fire Center on Tuesday. Many forest fires are human-caused, but lightning strikes are another major factor, especially in remote regions.

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