Floods and landslides hit the Black Sea region of Turkey again

Floods and landslides hit the Black Sea region of Turkey again
Floods and landslides hit the Black Sea region of Turkey again

A week after torrential rains, floods and landslides hit Rize, killing six people and leaving two missing, the province is experiencing torrential rains, floods and landslides.

Artvin, another Black Sea province in Turkey, has also faced floods and landslides as a result of heavy rains.

According to the Anadolu (AA) state agency, Ardeshen and Findykli were particularly affected by the rains last night (July 21).

The volume of water in the Aryl River in Fyndykli has increased due to heavy rain. While the rain caused several small landslides in the town of Tundzha in Ardeshen, the public facilities of Dereagizi in Tundzha municipality were flooded. In addition, as a result of the rain, the speed of the stream flowing through the village of Achkar, Areshensky district, increased.

The river flowing through the center of Arhavi in Artvin overflowed its banks, dragging several cars into the water and flooding houses and industrial premises.

The volume of water in the Kapisra River, flowing through the Bogazichi quarter in Arhavi, also increased, which led to its overflow. Due to the fact that the river in the regional center overflowed its banks, several basements and basements were flooded.

Several residents ended up in buildings, as the entrances to them were under water. Electricity and Internet are cut off in the area. The building of the hydroelectric power station collapsed and was carried away by the flood.

While a half-meter water surface formed in front of the buildings on the Black Sea Coastal Road, tea plantation workers were stuck in the gardens.

The basements and basements of the Arhavi State Hospital and the Arkhavi Military Gendarmerie Command were also flooded. Several cars were in the water. As a precautionary measure, the bridge used for traffic to the regional center of Arhavi was closed.