Russians warned about dangerous weather with heat and hail

Russians warned about dangerous weather with heat and hail
Russians warned about dangerous weather with heat and hail

The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand, warned the Russians about dangerous weather in the coming days. In a number of Russian regions in the central part of the country, in the south and in the Volga region, intense rains, thunderstorms and strong winds are expected, TASS reports.

Wilfand noted that in some regions bad weather will be accompanied by intense heat and hail. So, in the Volga Federal District on July 22-23, heavy rain, thunderstorms and winds up to 20 meters per second are predicted.

Heavy rains with hail are also expected in Crimea: on July 22, heavy rain will cover the peninsula, a thunderstorm, large hail and winds up to 20-25 meters per second are expected. “This is unfavorable weather, heavy rain and heavy hail - it is really dangerous,” the specialist emphasized.

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In the Volgograd, Rostov regions and the Krasnodar Territory, intense rains and thunderstorms will be accompanied by heat up to 36-42 degrees. At the same time, in the first region on July 23, a displacement of cold air masses is expected, which will rain with a thunderstorm and wind up to 27 meters per second, and in the rest of the bad weather will begin on July 22.

The meteorologist added that dangerous weather also expects almost all the republics of the North Caucasus on July 22-23. In the Ingush and Chechen republics, the heat is predicted up to 40-42 degrees, and on July 23 - heavy rain, wind with a thunderstorm up to 15-20 meters per second. A similar situation will develop in North Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia.

On July 22, bad weather will cover the Kursk, Tambov, Belgorod regions. The regions will experience heavy rain with thunderstorms, hail and wind up to 15-18 meters per second. In the Voronezh region, the heat will be followed by rain, thunderstorm and wind up to 16-20 meters per second.

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