Snow may fall in the European part of Russia in the coming days

Snow may fall in the European part of Russia in the coming days
Snow may fall in the European part of Russia in the coming days

Unexpected news from weather forecasters: snow may fall in the European part of Russia in the coming days. For several days now, the European part of the country has remained at the mercy of a powerful frontal partition - the very one that previously caused a record flood in Western Europe.

Fortunately, he reached us in a weakened form. However, even so, he can still do trouble. The most impressive figures were recorded by the meteorological stations of the Chernozem region: in the Lipetsk region, 30 millimeters of precipitation poured out in 12 hours, in the Voronezh and Oryol regions - more than 20 millimeters. The Rostov region suffered the most from the bad weather: 39 millimeters of rain for half a day. The strongest wind was also recorded there: its gusts reached 26 meters per second.

Neighboring Ukraine also suffered from bad weather again. Dust storms were again recorded there, and the stormy wind blew the roofs off the buildings. However, this was not yet the peak of the power of the atmospheric front - today it will intensify again, and the weather situation will become much more difficult.

The fact is that the day before a fragment of the dying front reached the Black Sea, and this led to its "regeneration", so that today the Russian Plain will again be covered by rain clouds of the frontal section. Southern Russia and the Volga region will find themselves in the epicenter of bad weather - in some places about a third of the monthly volume of moisture per day can pour out.

For example, in Kazan, bad weather will peak today in the middle of the day, and at the end of the day, the atmospheric front will bring about 25 millimeters of moisture to the city. This is more than falls here in total for the entire third decade of July!

Another consequence of the invasion of the frontal section will be a cold snap: after all, it carries air masses to European Russia from the water area of ​​the North Atlantic. Already today, hot weather will remain only in the southeast of the region, and in the middle lane it will become even a little cooler than it should be for the climate: in the daytime + 20 … + 25. An even more powerful cooling is expected in northern latitudes: at noon hours in September + 10 … + 15. And tomorrow, in some areas of the Kola Peninsula, snow may even fall.

The cold will reach the Crimea. So, in Yalta, thunderstorms will bring down the thermometer readings from yesterday's +33 to +25. However, already on Friday, the temperature in Taurida will begin to rise, and at the beginning of the new week, the thermometer will reach +30.

A similar forecast for the capital. In Moscow today, for the first time in recent weeks, the temperature will return to within the climatic norm - +23. Tomorrow the city may experience light thunderstorms in some places, so it won't get any warmer. But already from Sunday, the air will start to warm up again, the daytime temperature will again be above the long-term average values: + 25 … +27.

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