Advanced gut health examinations

Advanced gut health examinations
Advanced gut health examinations

Diseases of the digestive system are very common in our country. Usually they arise due to improper diet, poor quality food, bad habits and poor heredity. Their untimely treatment can lead to serious complications, in some cases even fatal outcome is possible. There are many methods of examining bowel health today. The following modern procedures are most often used in clinics.


This procedure is aimed at detecting cancer. The doctor examines the colon and rectum. For colonoscopy, a special flexible tube with a camera and illumination is used, which is inserted through the anus. Thanks to the resulting image, the doctor can assess the condition of the mucous membrane. But for the result to be accurate, it is important to cleanse the intestines before the procedure. The easiest way to do this is to make Moviprep, which is highly effective and easy to use. Even children will love its pleasant lemon flavor.

Provided that the intestines are properly cleaned during a colonoscopy, the doctor will also be able to perform other important manipulations:

• take a sample of mucous tissue for analysis;

• stop bleeding;

• remove polyps up to 4 mm in size.

People of pre-retirement age are at the greatest risk zone, they should undergo regular colonoscopy. It is at this age that the development of near-rectal cancer or colon cancer is most likely. Early detection of tumors gives the highest chances of a successful recovery. You should not ignore this survey. Its price is quite affordable, and the discomfort from the procedure is compensated by a long and happy life.


At the moment, this method has the highest accuracy. The procedure is rather unpleasant, but necessary. In its course, a probe with a camera and a flashlight is inserted through the patient's mouth. The image from it is transmitted to the monitor. The doctor can magnify the image up to the cellular level for more detailed examination of areas of interest. Medical manipulations (treatment of a bleeding ulcer, biopsy, removal of polyps) can be performed using the endoscope channel.


With the help of a rectoscope, the doctor examines the rectum. A metal tube is inserted through the anus and is equipped with a camera and light source. This method allows you to detect inflammation of the mucous membrane, malignant and benign tumors, cicatricial narrowing and hemorrhoids. Like other similar procedures, rectoscopy requires preliminary preparation.

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