What complaints to run to the endocrinologist

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What complaints to run to the endocrinologist
What complaints to run to the endocrinologist

As far back as I can remember, my mother suffered from a thyroid problem. She had a knot and a lack of hormones. She took tests, drank pills and often went to the endocrinologist. The doctor advised me to come to the appointment too. The sore can be hereditary. And so it happened. Although I felt great, I also didn't have enough hormones. True, the indicators are not so critical. I got tested, got pregnant under the control of an endocrinologist and gave birth to a healthy baby. Now I continue to keep my finger on the pulse. My story is not unique. Pathologies of the endocrine system may not manifest themselves in any way, and then you will learn about the disease in a neglected state. Therefore, if there is a suspicion of thyroid problems, it is worth visiting a doctor.

Who is an endocrinologist

The endocrinologist deals with diseases of the thyroid gland: excess or lack of hormones, disorders in the structure of the organ - nodes and tumors.

Symptoms with which you need to go to the endocrinologist

• drastic weight loss or jump in weight;

• frequent mood swings. Without a reason, it becomes either sad or joyful. Anxiety may be overwhelming;

• tormented by insomnia;

• constant thirst along with rapid fatigability;

• the skin looks dry, may flake off;

• it takes a long time to get pregnant;

• women grow hair in atypical places: on the chest, abdomen or upper lip.

These symptoms may indicate hormonal imbalance. If you notice something like this, do not delay visiting an endocrinologist. https://mc-elamed.ru/lechenie/priem_vrachej/endokrinolog/. This medical center employs doctors with a practical work experience of at least five years. They constantly improve their knowledge and participate in conferences.

How is the inspection carried out

The endocrinologist will listen to complaints, ask a number of questions: is it insomnia, anxiety, emotional swings, sweating? The doctor will palpate the thyroid gland and lymph nodes, examine the skin. He will measure his pulse and blood pressure.

What analyzes can an endocrinologist prescribe?

If necessary, the doctor will prescribe an analysis for the level of thyroid hormones TSH, T3 and T4, as well as AT to TPO. These tests will help you understand how the organ works. If the doctor suspects during palpation, he will send for an ultrasound scan. An ultrasound examination will show the structure of the thyroid gland: if there are nodes and tumors, if the thyroid gland is enlarged. The list of tests and diagnostic procedures depends on the complaints and the result of the examination.

From year to year, the number of thyroid diseases increases by about 5%. If you take control of the disease, you can live a full life: work, walk, play sports. At the same time, you feel good. The main thing is to find an endocrinologist whom you trust and follow his instructions.