The wreck of an ancient warship found in Egypt

The wreck of an ancient warship found in Egypt
The wreck of an ancient warship found in Egypt

An international archaeological mission discovered in Egypt the wreckage of an ancient warship, presumably built in the fourth century BC.

The find, made in the area of ​​modern Alexandria, belongs to the era of the Ptolemies, scientists believe. The ship sank after the collapse of part of the wall of the Temple of Amun in the second century BC due to an earthquake. The wreckage covered the ship, thanks to which it has survived to our times, said Mustafa Vaziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Antiquities of Egypt.

Archaeologists have established that the ancient ship was more than 25 meters long and had a smooth bottom, which allowed it to develop a sufficiently high speed when moving along the Nile. The vessel, built in classical and ancient Egyptian styles, was adapted for sailing and paddling.

Researchers have also found ancient Greek burials from around the fourth century BC at the northeastern entrance to Heraklion. This find confirms that during the specified period, businessmen from Greece lived in the city. Due to natural disasters, the area was destroyed, and the remains of civilization were found along with the ruins of the temple, according to the Facebook of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt.

On the territory of Egypt, where one of the most ancient civilizations of our planet was located, such finds are not uncommon. In particular, on July 9, it became known that researchers from Egypt and Japan found about two thousand wooden parts of a boat at the foot of the Cheops pyramid. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the ship is the funeral boat of the pharaoh. Before that, another boat was found in the cultural layers of the Great Pyramid.

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