South Africa - Heavy snow warnings issued in several regions

South Africa - Heavy snow warnings issued in several regions
South Africa - Heavy snow warnings issued in several regions

The weather in Africa is truly scary this week as temperatures are forecast to drop sharply across the country. The western and southern regions will be the first to meet these ice shocks before the intense cold reaches the central regions of South Africa. A Level 4 Snow Alert will be in effect for the next few days.

At a time when a killer virus is raging in the country, and another round of power outages is expected in the coming days, the drop in temperature will be a serious test for the population.

This winter has been harsh so far, with several snowstorms already bringing chaos with them. And it is still not over …

Snowfalls are expected over the southwestern mountain peaks of the Western Cape on Tuesday morning, while chilly weather is likely to set in most of the province. Winterberg ". "In addition, devastating snowfalls are expected in many of the Cape's highlands when the SECOND Cold Front hits land on Wednesday. Farmers and citizens are advised to take the necessary precautions ahead of the expected cold snap and provide livestock and pets with adequate shelter and water."

- The southern Free State has a Level 2 yellow warning for snow that makes driving difficult on Thursday.

- A Level 3 yellow warning for devastating snowfall (leading to possible loss of livestock / plants) was issued over the high-lying areas of the Western Cape on Wednesday.

- A level 4 yellow warning for devastating snow is expected over Lutsberg, Wapadsberg, Penhook, Outenika, Niko Malan, Winterberg and the gravel passes at Tsitsikamme, Outenik and Bavjaanskloof on Thursday.

- Other yellow level 4 warnings were issued this week: One is for floods in Cape Town, Cape Wineland and Overberg on Wednesday, and another is for heavy rains between Plettenberg Bay and Fish River on Thursday.

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