Postcoid syndrome can last indefinitely

Postcoid syndrome can last indefinitely
Postcoid syndrome can last indefinitely

Most people who have had coronavirus can suffer from POS syndrome for one to three months. Alexey Vodovozov, a physician of the highest category, spoke about this.

“Very often, people develop the so-called postcoid syndrome. Last year we did not understand, we thought that these were isolated cases. It is now clear that this is characteristic of COVID-19. In about three quarters of those who have had it, it lasts from four to 12 weeks, and in the rest - from 12 weeks to infinity,”said therapist Aleksey Vodovozov.

According to the doctor, the syndrome includes 20 to 60 symptoms. The main signs are severe weakness, heaviness in the chest, feeling of incomplete inhalation, headaches, joint and muscle pains, sleep disturbances, depression, decreased cognitive functions, thermoregulation disorder. Vodovozov stressed that doctors do not know why it occurs. The interlocutor of the agency noted that rehabilitation requires a gradual increase in physical activity, and recommended that those who had recovered from the disease go in for walking.

Therapist, immunologist Irina Yartseva believes that some of the symptoms associated with postcoid syndrome can be attributed to the consequences of the stress that a person experienced during the illness.

“People are very hard and terrified of being diagnosed with coronavirus. They are very worried and experience the most powerful stress, fear of death,”said Yartseva.

According to her, a person needs recovery after such experiences.

The immunologist emphasized that the coronavirus is more severe in people who already have health problems, including diabetes, obesity, damage to the cardiovascular system, and long smoking history. She recommended leading a healthy lifestyle so that illness and recovery would be easier.

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