"Flood of the century" in Europe: flooded Germany, Italy, Poland

"Flood of the century" in Europe: flooded Germany, Italy, Poland
"Flood of the century" in Europe: flooded Germany, Italy, Poland

Poland, following other European countries, was flooded. Large water from the Old World does not recede. The death toll is on the rise. In Germany, 180 people have already become victims of the disaster, more than 600 injured. Now everyone is worried about one thing - why did the forecasters ignore the warnings? And yet, did the warning system work or not?

In Germany, this flood is already called the catastrophe of the century. It will take at least several hundred million euros to restore the west of the country to its former appearance. While the rescuers are trying to pump out water from the streets at least a little.

Local residents also help to clear the rubble. But very carefully. Only the most insignificant places are cleared. Bureaucracy intervened - before the arrival of an appraiser from an insurance company, many were simply afraid to take on a job. Otherwise, there is a risk after being left without compensation.

“The damage is incredible. Infrastructure needs to be rebuilt, some of the houses will have to be demolished and rebuilt. Of the 10 bridges we have only one. left without work, without money, "- says a local resident Rabiaa Hadji.

The main question now is who is to blame for what happened? The European flood warning system is said to have worked. The German Meteorological Service knew and warned about the bad weather. But, in their opinion, not all municipalities brought this information to the attention of citizens. The federal authorities completely disclaim responsibility.

"The warning systems worked. There is only one thing that I cannot control, and that is how warnings are handled locally. The federal government is not responsible for what happened. The local authorities are to blame," the head of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Assistance commented on the situation in the country. natural disasters Armin Schuster.

But local authorities in some places still tried to prevent the catastrophe. Human "maybe" intervened.

“On the eve of the flood, fire engines were passing through the streets and warning of an impending storm. But no one thought that it would really come. There have never been such extreme events here,” says a local resident Regina.

Rescuers fear the death toll in Germany could reach 500. Many took refuge in basements, in multi-level parking lots.

"There are about 40-50 cars here. There may be people inside, a lot of people," says rescuer Holger Quint.

And this is how the Italian commune of Rignano Garganico looks like after the flood. A local river overflowed the banks. Flooded fields, roads, small villages. It is still unknown whether there are victims.

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