In the Orenburg region, an emergency regime due to drought was introduced in 12 more territories

In the Orenburg region, an emergency regime due to drought was introduced in 12 more territories
In the Orenburg region, an emergency regime due to drought was introduced in 12 more territories

Today, the first vice-governor - minister of agriculture, trade, food and processing industry of the region Sergey Balykin held a meeting of the commission for the prevention and elimination of emergencies and ensuring fire safety and an online meeting with the heads of municipalities. Both events were dedicated to the emergencies associated with drought.

Agricultural producers of the region sowed 3 million 237 thousand hectares of spring crops this year, or 102% of the plan, of which 1 million 914 thousand hectares - spring grains and legumes, or 99% of the plan.

This year's harvest is occupied by winter crops on 900 thousand hectares.

The area of ​​harvesting grain and leguminous crops in all categories of farms in the region is 2 million 640.6 thousand hectares, including spring grain and leguminous crops - 1 million 831.8 thousand hectares. Almost all municipalities of the region (except for the eastern zone) have started harvesting.

But during the sowing campaign, unfavorable weather conditions developed on the territory of the Orenburg region. In 37 territories in May-June, dangerous agrometeorological phenomena were observed: atmospheric drought (in 34 municipalities) and soil (in 9 municipalities), dry wind (in 31 municipalities), which cause colossal economic damage to the agro-industrial complex.

By the decree of the Governor Denis Pasler, from July 2, the emergency regime was introduced in 18 districts, from July 16 - in 12 more municipalities: Aleksandrovsky, Ileksky, Krasnogvardeisky, Novosergievsky, Oktyabrsky, Pervomaisky, Perevolotsky, Tashlinsky, Totsky, Tyulgansky, Sharlyksky districts and Sorochinsky city the district.

A commission for the elimination of emergency situations and mitigation of the consequences of drought will be created in the region. For this, preliminary work has been organized to determine the areas of death of agricultural crops.

The drought emergency was also discussed during an online meeting with district heads. Sergei Balykin reminded the farmers of the need to send substantiating documents on drought to the Ministry of Agriculture of the region by August 5.

Agricultural insurance of crops also became a topical topic of the meeting with the heads.

The insured sown area of ​​spring crops sown in the current year was 340,065 hectares (the planned area is 253,880 hectares). The limit of subsidies from the federal budget, provided for the purpose of agricultural insurance in the Orenburg region for 2021, is 23 million 782.3 thousand rubles. The need for subsidies from the federal budget is 50 million 912, 4 thousand rubles.

- In connection with the increase in the volume of insured sown areas, it is necessary to increase the limit of federal budget funds for agricultural insurance by 27,130,100 rubles. A letter on increasing the limits has been sent to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, - said Sergei Balykin.

The First Vice Governor explained that in order to increase the efficiency of state support in the field of agricultural insurance, the Russian Government will not provide for reimbursement of part of the costs due to the loss of agricultural crops. And this speaks of the need to insure crops, and preferably already winter crops, which will be sown in August.

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