Fractional CO2 lasers - a revolutionary technology for rejuvenation

Fractional CO2 lasers - a revolutionary technology for rejuvenation
Fractional CO2 lasers - a revolutionary technology for rejuvenation

Preservation of youth and beauty is a priority today among women and men of different ages. Cosmetology clinics have received a new and extremely effective tool for solving such problems - a fractional co2 laser. The fractional ablation procedure itself has proven itself very well. With its help, it is really possible to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate by 10-15 years. However, the high invasiveness of the method previously produced serious inconvenience, pain and a long recovery period. The new generation of CO2 lasers allows you to perform rejuvenation painlessly and without significant inconvenience in the future.

The mechanism of application of fractional lasers

The CO2 plant has a special wavelength of 10600 nanometers. Energy is almost completely absorbed by water. The method is based on instant evaporation of a thin layer of the epidermis. Thanks to the dosed effect, negative effects, pain and swelling after the procedure are practically excluded.

Fractional CO2 laser system allows:

Removing a fixed and doctor-placed skin ball from 5 to 25%. It is safe, painless, and rejuvenating.

Denature deep collagen. It shrinks and tightens the top layer of the skin.

Activate the long-term effect of retention of youth by fibroblasts. They remove damaged collagen over a period of 4-6 months while maintaining a natural and even lift.

The key for the clinic is the purchase of a new, high-quality and functional CO2 laser. You cannot save on it, the models of the previous generation were distinguished by rather serious side effects and inconveniences for the patient.

The best lasers for fractional rejuvenation

The installation should have a wide range of settings. The ultra-short and incredibly powerful pulse at a fixed wavelength distinguishes the latest generation from the previous. It was the lack of power and elongation in time that formed noticeable additional skin damage, soreness and swelling.

Convenience and positioning accuracy are critical. The beam instantly evaporates the upper layer of the epidermis and denatures collagen. Professional stationary devices do it in one impulse. Compact handhelds and older ones release multiple bundles at one point. This method already significantly increases the risk of subsequent complications and pain.

The brand factor is decisive. Saving on the laser for rejuvenation ensures that patients are dissatisfied and do not return to the clinic. Reliability, accuracy, convenience of settings for the doctor are important. The risk of error must be excluded. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase reliable CO2 lasers of the latest generation with a good reputation and an abundance of reviews.

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