Tiger killed two cyclists in Uttar Pradesh, India

Tiger killed two cyclists in Uttar Pradesh, India
Tiger killed two cyclists in Uttar Pradesh, India

Two men were killed and a third escaped when a tiger attacked cyclists on a road through the Pilibhit Forest in Jupe State. The 23-year-old survivor managed to climb a tree nearby and spent the entire night there, despite the tiger making several unsuccessful attempts to attack it.

Vikas plucked up courage and came down from the tree only after the next morning he saw local residents passing by. “We reported to the police and the forestry department after we saw a frightened man who could barely speak. There was a bicycle next to it and a body next to it. There were claw marks on the tree,” said Rajendra Prasad, a local resident.

The attack occurred Sunday night as Kandhai Lal (35) was returning with his nephew Sonu Kumar (22) and his friend Vikas after meeting with relatives in the Jalalpur village of Shahjahanpur.

According to the forestry department, the men were intoxicated and had been warned by forest guards about the movement of tigers in the area along the 10-kilometer road. "Our staff recorded the movement of three tigers in this section of the forest, and the victims were also warned, but they ignored the warning," Navin Khandelwal, deputy director of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, told TOI.

The bodies - one of them partially eaten - have been sent for autopsy, and Vikas recovers in the hospital. "The man had a cell phone with him, but since there is no network in the area, he spent the night in a tree. He is shocked and continues to faint. We will record his testimony as soon as he can speak," Khandelwal said.

The deputy director said the attack was "unusual" as tigers do not attack moving vehicles. "Either the victims saw an animal on the road and lost their balance, after which it pounced on them, or they stopped their motorcycle for some reason," he said, adding that in the past few years there have been no attacks by big cats in the area. …

Since the incident took place in a protected forest, the victims are not entitled to compensation, according to the official. “We are now conducting outreach work with local residents so that they refrain from traveling on this road after dark,” he said.

To monitor the area, 20 trap cameras were installed. “While combing the area, we found the tracks of two tigers. Observation with camera traps will provide more information as the tiger is expected to return to this location,” Khandelwal said.

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