Professional getting rid of alcohol and drug addiction

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Professional getting rid of alcohol and drug addiction
Professional getting rid of alcohol and drug addiction

Narcological clinic "Arma" deals with the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism. Its specialists have developed special programs to get rid of drug addiction and effectively relieve withdrawal symptoms. They are created with the ability to adjust for the characteristics of each individual patient. As a result, the specialists manage to achieve excellent results.

Features of treatment in the center "Arma"

Treatment consists of the following main stages.

  • Consultation. Can be done over the phone.
  • Diagnostics and formation of the desire to be treated.
  • Complete detoxification of drug addicts and alcoholics. Ridding the body of harmful substances.
  • Rehabilitation and socialization activities. Personal recovery.

Treatment for alcoholism can be carried out both in a hospital and at home. Benefits of treatment in the clinic in an integrated approach. Getting rid of alcohol addiction occurs both on a physical and psychological level. Experienced doctors of the clinic know how to motivate a person who initially does not want to be treated. The treatment program begins with detoxification. It allows you to rid the body of poisons and toxins. This is followed by drug therapy. The patient receives medications for the treatment of diseases caused by alcoholism. Most often, these people suffer from disorders in the liver, heart and other organs. The treatment can last two or three weeks. This is followed by the stage of psychological rehabilitation. During it, the causes of alcoholism and the ways to eliminate them are found out. The patients of the clinic are also assisted in social adaptation. It includes employment, the restoration of family and friendships, the search for new hobbies.

An effective treatment for binge drinking can also be done at home. For this, the specialists of the center come to the patient's home. One of the main activities is a binge drip. It makes it possible to detoxify the body and relieve a person from painful and unpleasant sensations. Specialists are called at home in case of a sharp deterioration in the condition associated with alcohol intake and the presence of signs of poisoning. A narcologist helps to get out of a serious condition. He can also motivate the patient for inpatient treatment. The advantage of treatment in the clinic is an integrated approach, proper care, constant medical supervision, and the exclusion of the possibility of taking alcohol.

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