The most powerful flood in Europe captures more and more territories

The most powerful flood in Europe captures more and more territories
The most powerful flood in Europe captures more and more territories

The most powerful flood in Europe is taking over new territories. In the north of the Czech Republic, more than 130 liters of precipitation per square meter fell per day. The roads are flooded, the region is cut off from the outside world, and at least until the evening, the railway service on the Dresden - Prague section has been stopped. Earlier, trains stopped running between the Czech Republic and Saxon Switzerland.

Germany has been hit hardest by floods today than any other European country. The death toll has exceeded 140 people. It is almost impossible to calculate the number of victims, as well as the damage caused to the infrastructure by the disaster. On the rivers Moselle, Saar and Ruhr, many hydroelectric power plants have failed.

Rescue services simply cannot cope. The military came to their aid.

Thousands of people here were left not only homeless, but also unemployed. Another loss is incurred by German small business, which has not yet recovered from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

"When I look at the city now, I cry. This is my home, I came here when I was 15, I know everyone here. It's crazy. It took so long to build a restaurant to become what it is, and now, after the pandemic, it is destroyed … this is … this is a disaster, "says restaurant owner Franco Romanelli.

Against the background of national grief, an unpleasant scandal erupted in the country with the participation of the candidate for Chancellor of Germany Armin Laschet. The head of the flood-stricken federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where Frank Walter Steinmeier arrived on Saturday, laughed while discussing something with colleagues, just as the German president spoke about the devastating consequences of the disaster.

The politician was heavily criticized in the press and social media. The hashtag #Laschetlacht was launched on Twitter (Laschet laughs). Many call the head of the CDU unbearable. Armin Laschet himself thanked the President of Germany for his visit to North Rhine - Westphalia and apologized for his behavior. However, despite this, inappropriate laughter can put an end to Laschet's plans to take the Chancellor's chair.

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