Scientist named the most likely origin of COVID-19

Scientist named the most likely origin of COVID-19
Scientist named the most likely origin of COVID-19

The assumption of the artificial origin of the COVID-19 virus is the most likely, since there are many facts that indicate this. This statement was made by the chief researcher at the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pyotr Chumakov.

According to the scientist, the version about the leak of COVID-19 from the laboratory follows from the logic of the development of the situation and sounds more convincing than the explanation about its natural source.

According to Chumakov, there is nothing fantastic in artificial origin.

Natural origin seems to be fantastic, because there are no intermediate forms from the virus, which is found in nature and infects bats, to the virus that circulates in the human population. And this is all very strange and suggests that the origin is artificial, - said the specialist.

Chumakov recalled that there are already technologies in the world for creating such viruses, publications about such works appeared in the United States and China at one time. According to him, initially research on the modification of the virus took place in a laboratory in North Carolina in the United States. After funding was cut off under pressure from the public, all work was transferred to a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan.

The scientist added that humanity does not yet know whether COVID-19 is of natural or artificial origin. The version about his leak from the laboratory is a very serious accusation.

And we also need to see who was the culprit: those who accidentally missed the virus from the laboratory, or those who released this virus on purpose. Or those who in general conceived such works - it is not clear for what purpose, - said Chumakov.

An international group of biologists and virologists believes that there is no conclusive evidence of a leak of coronavirus infection from the Wuhan laboratory. They also found no evidence that the Wuhan institute had or experimented with the progenitor of the virus prior to the outbreak of the pandemic.

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