Scientists have found 200 symptoms of lingering coronavirus

Scientists have found 200 symptoms of lingering coronavirus
Scientists have found 200 symptoms of lingering coronavirus

Scientists at University College London, together with colleagues from US research centers, found 203 symptoms of protracted coronavirus and clarified that mostly people suffer from only 56 of them, writes the Daily Mail.

Researchers interviewed 3,762 people with lingering coronavirus from different countries. In total, 203 symptoms of COVID-19 were identified in the infected during treatment. However, on average, people only suffer from 56 of them. They concern the work of ten different organs, including the heart, lungs, brain and intestines.

In addition to the more common fatigue and clouding of consciousness, COVID-19 patients complain of deterioration in vision and hearing, hallucinations, and tachycardia. Among the strange symptoms were changes in the menstrual cycle, sexual dysfunction, shingles, urinary incontinence.

According to experts, almost a third of patients with COVID-19 develop symptoms within 12 weeks. 96 percent of patients suffered from symptoms of the disease for about three months, 65 percent felt them for more than six months. 89, 1 percent of people told about relapses, the symptoms of coronavirus returned to them in part after a lot of physical activity, excessive mental stress, stress.

At the same time, 45.2 percent of patients had to reduce their working hours. 22.3 percent quit due to health problems.

As the lead author of the study, Athena Akrami, explained, scientific work, first of all, shows a wide range of neurological symptoms. “Impaired memory and cognitive functions, which experienced more than 85% of those surveyed, were the most common and persistent neurological symptoms. They were equally common in patients of all ages and had a negative impact on performance,”she added.

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