UFO observed in the night sky over the city of Porirua in New Zealand

UFO observed in the night sky over the city of Porirua in New Zealand
UFO observed in the night sky over the city of Porirua in New Zealand

An eyewitness managed to capture several objects on July 14, 2021 at 6:27 pm, which moved over the hills near the city of Porirua in New Zealand.

This is very interesting evidence, but I had doubts whether these objects were the headlights of cars moving along the slope of the mountain, which is not visible at night (behind the mountain, which is clearly visible in the video and over which objects are moving).

I contacted an eyewitness and he said that the objects were flying over the mountain that is visible in the video, and there are no mountains behind it, further beyond it the sea begins. His words are confirmed by data from Google, which took pictures of the area during the day. This is a daytime view of the same location. The perspective is slightly higher because the camera is mounted on a google car (the daytime view is different because this is a newly built area and the houses were not finished yet when google mapped)

The red icon shows that the direction is directed to the southwest (confirmed by an eyewitness). The city of Porirua is visible just above the rooftops, and the large "hill" is Mount Rangituhi / Colonial Knob as seen on the map.

This picture was taken from the top of Mount Rangitukhi, looking towards the area where the witnesses are.

And here is the view beyond Mount Rangituhi, looking to the west. There are no higher mountains here.

Additional Information:

- There were no storms at that time.

-Over the past 12 months, an eyewitness has repeatedly observed these lights.

-New Zealand has a history of UFO sightings within the lower North Island as well as the upper South Island.

So these lights were not caused by car headlights as you can see the top of Mount Rangituhi and there are no higher mountains behind it - this is a really interesting observation of a group of UFOs appearing at some point in a triangular formation.

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