A tiny nuclear reactor as an alternative to solar power

A tiny nuclear reactor as an alternative to solar power
A tiny nuclear reactor as an alternative to solar power

After the certification of the new reactor, the documents for which have already been submitted, each town can have its own nuclear power plant, which supplies it with energy - safe and efficient.

An energy startup in Oregon (USA) is about to change the way people think about nuclear energy. The developed NuScale reactor is small and, according to its creators, is much safer than any modern nuclear reactors: it is easier to place in a protective enclosure and easier to control in case of an emergency.

One of the advantages of using the new reactor is that it does not need to be hidden in a 15-kilometer exclusion zone. It can be located within the city and supply it with electricity, and without loss during transmission over many kilometers. Thus, the landscape will get rid of power lines that are dangerous for people. The developers announce a new clean energy source that they say is as good as wind or solar power.

In the NuScale reactor, the core is cooled by circulating ordinary fresh water, as is the case in modern operating nuclear power plants, but on a much smaller scale and due to gravity. Due to its size, the reactor contains very little nuclear fuel that is easy to control. NuScale's capacity is 60 MW per hour, which is tens and hundreds of times less than the capacity of nuclear power plants, but if necessary, the number of reactors can be increased, resulting in the required amount of energy.

Thus, in the future, instead of hundreds of potentially hazardous nuclear power plants, there may be thousands of safe ones that take up much less space and do not require complex infrastructure.

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