A fragment of a jug with a rare biblical name found in Israel

A fragment of a jug with a rare biblical name found in Israel
A fragment of a jug with a rare biblical name found in Israel

Archaeologists who excavated in southern Israel first discovered the name Jerubbaal on a broken piece of an earthen pot. Jerobaal is the name of Gideon that he received among the people.

Alas, scientists cannot yet say who exactly this jug belonged to, but the versions are intriguing!

The inscription dates from the era of the Judges, which lasted from the XIV-XI centuries BC. NS. The fragments of the pot were found in an underground "chamber" lined with stones. The vessel itself was probably rather small, with a capacity of about a liter. Therefore, archaeologists suggest that it could have stored "precious liquid", for example, perfume or medicine. However, the main mystery is whether this pot belonged to Jerobaal or not?

The name on the pot was written in an ancient alphabetical script that was invented by Canaanite merchants or slaves who worked in Ancient Egypt about 4,000 years ago. To date, scientists have found very few items with similar inscriptions, but a few have survived from the late Bronze Age. However, such inscriptions from the era of the Judges, which are about 3100 years old, are extremely rare. Archaeologists say this is the first time that the name Jerobaal has been found in an archaeological context.

“In biblical tradition, Gideon was remembered for defeating the Midianites, who crossed the Jordan River to plunder crops. According to the Bible, he organized a small army of 300 soldiers and attacked the Midianites at night near the source of Harod,”the historians say. “This inscription may be associated with another Jerobaal, and not with the biblical Gideon, although it is possible that the jug belonged to him. In any case, Jerobaal apparently became a very popular name in the days of biblical judges.”

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