The secret of Nikola Tesla's main invention

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The secret of Nikola Tesla's main invention
The secret of Nikola Tesla's main invention

Nikola Tesla is an outstanding scientist of the XIX-XX centuries, who is called Leonard da Vinci in electrical engineering. He owns more than 700 inventions, including a microwave oven, a remote control device, alternating current and much more. But the most ambiguous and fantastic is the free energy generator, designed to obtain energy from the ether. Disputes about it are ongoing among scientists to this day. For a long time the concept of "ether" was perceived by the public as something akin to alchemy and had nothing to do with science at all. After all, there is the Michelson-Morley experiment and the theory of relativity. Recently, however, more and more scientists are again talking about the ether as a scientifically grounded fact, among them there are Nobel Prize winners. Does the endless source of free energy that Nikola Tesla was working on really exist?

What is ether and where did the concept come from

Many outstanding scientists were engaged in the study of the ether until the beginning of the 20th century. Among them were Dmitry Mendeleev, Hendrik Lorenz, Clerk Maxwell and many others. Rene Decar was the first to speak about the theory of the ether. However, most of all, Nikola Tesla is associated with ether, who not only believed in the existence of ether, but also conducted practical experiments.

Scientists gave different definitions to the ether, but most of them called this concept a kind of matter that fills the space between atoms and other particles. Accordingly, the ether fills the entire universe.

Particular interest in the ether arose in the 19th century as part of the study of wave optics. Discovering the properties of light, scientists came to the conclusion that it has a wave nature. And a wave cannot propagate in a complete vacuum. It needs a certain environment in which microparticles can “float” just like sound or any other waves. As a result, they came to the conclusion that the ether is an intangible, all-pervading something, superfine matter.

Dmitry Mendeleev added ether to the periodic table of chemical elements. In the 20th century, Newtonius was removed

For example, Mendeleev described it as an ultralight gas (the lightest in the universe). Its particles have an extremely high translational speed for gases. Another feature of the substance, according to the chemist, is an ultra-high degree of permeability. Without doubting its existence, Mendeleev added a piece of ether to his table and called it "Newtonius".

As a result, the theory of the ether became not only the central topic of scientific research, but was also able to explain many phenomena. By the way, some of them, after the rejection of the ether theory, still have no scientific explanation.

Nikola Tesla and free energy of aether

The end of all studies of matter was put by the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein, since many scientists believed in its inviolability. However, there were those who pointed out a number of inconsistencies in this theory, so they were in no hurry to reject the existence of the ether. These include Nikola Tesla, who actively conducted experiments on wireless transmission of electricity. he also had a huge number of ahead of time works and inventions in other fields. And the most remarkable thing is that most of them are based on the ether theory. We have already talked in more detail about the most amazing inventions of the scientist earlier.

Nikola Tesla free energy generator circuit for obtaining free energy.

The scientist had no doubt that the ether is an endless source of energy.Therefore, one of the most sensational projects of Tesla, as mentioned above, was a free energy generator to get free energy literally from their air. The scientist left behind even a diagram of the device's operation, but according to his own tradition, without a detailed diagram and drawings.

Many contemporaries argued that Tesla's experiments in this area were very successful. Mark Twain, who became their eyewitnesses, even called the scientist "The Lord of Lightning". Even now, many scientists attribute the results of Tesla's experiments to “the consequences of the Tunguska meteorite”.

Let us remind readers that neither the craters from the collision of this celestial body with the earth, nor the meteorite itself or its fragments were ever found. But it is known that shortly before the event, Tesla was looking for detailed maps of Siberia. And in one of the recently found manuscripts, he even personally admits that the disaster was caused by his experiments. True, the authenticity of the manuscript has not been proven.

Unfortunately, Tesla did not manage to bring to life the generator of free energy. When the scientist was on the verge of making a revolution in the field of electrical engineering, a fire in the laboratory in 1895 prevented him from completing his work. He destroyed all equipment and documentation. However, this is not the only reason why the world has not seen free energy, but more on that below.

In addition to ether, there are many other alternative energy sources that are not refuted by official science. You can find information about them on our Telegram channel.

Energy conspiracy theory

At the beginning of the 20th century, after the appearance of Einstein's theory of relativity, a taboo was imposed on the ether in the scientific community. Any mention of him in chemistry and physics textbooks was immediately removed. The scientists themselves, who were in no hurry to deny the presence of this substance, were subjected to strict censorship and, in fact, were deprived of the opportunity to achieve success and recognition in the scientific community.

There is a theory according to which large corporations and oil businessmen were behind this. Moreover, Einstein himself, according to this theory, lobbied for their interests in the scientific world. The reason was the close connection of the scientist with the Rothschild house and its funding by bankers.

At the same time, it is known that Tesla's opponent was another, no less famous banker - Morgan. It is noteworthy that the latter financed Nikola Tesla until he found out that the inventor was, in fact, working on the collapse of his business empire. After that, he made every effort so that Tesla would no longer be financed by anyone else. Of course, free energy could put an end to not only the business of individual corporations, but also the economies of entire countries.

The world's first electric car designed by Henry Ford

Conspiracy theorists also draw analogies to Henry Ford's electric cars. Together with Thomas Edison, he built and successfully tested at least one car, although some sources indicate not several cars with electric motors. Henry himself talked about the prospects of these projects in the media and promised to begin mass production of such machines in the near future. However, from a certain point the media stopped mentioning Edison-Ford altogether. The workshops were destroyed by fire, and Henry Ford himself never returned to the idea of ​​electric vehicles.

The refusal of them in favor of the internal combustion engine is associated with an agreement between Ford and the oil cartels, which perfectly understood the prospects of the automotive industry and the benefits they would receive from cars that consume petroleum products.

But, already now we can say with confidence that the choice in favor of the internal combustion engine was an absolutely wrong decision. For example, Tesla's electric car silently accelerates to 100 km / h in 2.3 seconds, while it costs only $ 130,000. The Bugatti Chiron has the same dynamic performance, but it only accelerates with a roar, and its cost reaches 2.5 million dollars.Such a supercar consumes tens of liters of high-octane fuel per 100 km.

Modern confirmation of the ether theory

Recently, scientists are increasingly recalling the theory of the ether. For example, Nobel laureate Robert B. Laughlin said that in the theory of relativity itself, there is a need for space as a medium. At the same time, in the initial premise, there is no need for such an environment, which is a paradox. He also emphasizes that in fact, Einstein's theory says nothing about the existence or absence of matter that fills the universe. But scientists do not talk about the ether, as there is a taboo on it.

Nobel laureate Robert B. Laughlin, proponent of the ether theory.

Even more talked about the ether after scientists at the University of Oxford linked it to dark matter and dark energy. With the help of a computer program, they established that these invisible "substances" are a fluid substance with a negative mass. If, for example, you push away a substance with negative mass, it will not move away, but rather approach.

According to official science, dark matter does not participate in electromagnetic effects. Therefore, it is inaccessible to direct observation.

Scientists have also made changes to the modern standard cosmological model. According to the adjustments, a single fluid substance with negative mass was taken for dark energy and dark matter. The program showed that "substance" is born continuously and repels itself. As a result, there is an acceleration of the expansion of the Universe. All this fits perfectly into the theory of ether, which Tesla spoke about until the end of his life.

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