Wildfires in the Kartalinsky and Nagaybaksky districts of the Chelyabinsk region

Wildfires in the Kartalinsky and Nagaybaksky districts of the Chelyabinsk region
Wildfires in the Kartalinsky and Nagaybaksky districts of the Chelyabinsk region

The southern territories of the Chelyabinsk region were engulfed in wildfires. The area covered by fire, according to the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, was more than 14 thousand hectares, and active combustion covered up to 4.7 hectares. More than 70 houses were burned down, in one of them firefighters found the body of an elderly man. An emergency regime was introduced in the region, aviation and fire trains were involved in the fight against the fire. By Sunday, the fires were localized, including thanks to the weather.

Wildfires in the Kartalinsky and Nagaybaksky districts of the Chelyabinsk region destroyed 72 buildings, including 46 residential buildings and 26 summer cottages, the press service of the regional government said. The villages of Dzhabyk and Zapasnoye were damaged, the village of Novokaolinovy ​​and the village of Paris were under threat.

The most serious situation developed on Friday: due to hot dry weather and strong gusts of wind, the fire quickly spread to new territories and was transferred to settlements. The Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region, Alexei Teksler, introduced an emergency situation in the region on July 9.

At its peak, open burning covered 4.7 thousand hectares. 632 people and 142 pieces of equipment were involved in the fight against the fire, including four aircraft and three fire trains.

By Saturday morning, the area of ​​active combustion had decreased to 20 hectares. There were three outbreaks - in the area of ​​the village of Paris (4 hectares), near the settlements of Mikhailovka (7 hectares), Kyzyl-Chilik (6 hectares) and in the direction of Zapasnoye and Yasnaya Polyana (3 hectares).

From the settlements affected by the fire, 179 people were evacuated; five temporary accommodation centers were deployed for them. But by Saturday there were only two working TAPs left - many people preferred to live with their relatives. On the afternoon of July 10, the authorities reported the first victim - a 78-year-old man whose body was found in the rubble of one of the burnt houses in the village of Dzhabyk. “Law enforcement agencies have started checking, an analysis of the situation will be carried out, it will be found out why the person was not evacuated,” said Alexei Teksler.

The emergency mode allowed the authorities of the region to use the reserve fund to solve the problems of the victims. Those living in the villages of Dzhabyk and Zapasnoye were allocated a one-time aid in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. for urgent needs, payments began on Sunday. In addition, 100 thousand rubles will be paid for the complete loss of property, and 50 thousand rubles for the partial loss. The commission will determine the extent of the loss. Measures of additional support for those who have lost their homes are also being worked out, the regional government said. The children who were evacuated from the Rodnichki camp will continue their vacation on the Black Sea, most likely in Anapa, as President Vladimir Putin offered such an opportunity, according to Alexei Teksler.

On Sunday night in the south of the Chelyabinsk region it was pouring rain. Early in the morning, firefighters examined the edge and previous places of active combustion and found that the fire was localized, there were no open foci.

After that, work continued on the complete elimination of fires. By that time, the power engineers of Rosseti Ural had fully restored the power supply to the villages of the Kartalinsky District after the restrictions imposed by the fires.

Deputy head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Ilya Denisov, assessing the work of the fire fighting services, noted that "the measures taken by the executive authorities have been completed, the group, which was intended to protect settlements, was introduced in advance." “But, unfortunately, conditions have developed in such a way that not everything is subject to human power.This is the element, this is force majeure, where it was not possible to eliminate the situation, it was only possible to mitigate it, which was done thanks to the complex of measures taken,”he admitted.

Since Sunday, brigades clearing the territory began to work at the sites of fire in settlements. According to the governor, he instructed to carry out this work only together with the owners of the burned down houses. “First of all, we must find out the wishes of the residents: someone wants to stay in the village and restore the house, someone may wish to move,” said Yuliy Elbakidze, Minister of Construction and Infrastructure of the region. From Monday, July 12, work will begin to determine the damage.

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