Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka throws ash up to 7.5 km

Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka throws ash up to 7.5 km
Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka throws ash up to 7.5 km

The northernmost active volcano in Kamchatka, Shiveluch, throws ash to a height of 7.5 kilometers, a representative of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences told RIA Novosti.

The intensification of the activity of the Shiveluch volcano, whose height is about 3, 3 thousand meters above sea level, began in May 2009. As a result of the activation of the eruption, its dome was cut by a crevice about 30 meters deep.

"Video surveillance of the volcano is difficult due to bad weather, but seismic stations for 36 minutes recorded a surface seismic event, which was accompanied by a powerful gas-ash ejection and a descent of incandescent debris avalanches," the source said.

He added that satellite images also show a dense ash plume stretching 80 kilometers to the northwest, and an ash cloud 70 kilometers to the northeast.

According to experts, for the settlements of the Kamchatka Territory, the closest of which is the village of Klyuchi, 40 kilometers from Shiveluch, the volcano currently does not pose a danger. However, there is the possibility of ash falls: volcanic ash - particles of magmatic material up to two millimeters in diameter - can cause poisoning in humans and animals due to its complex chemical composition. Aerosol and ash plumes can be hazardous to aviation.

In addition to Shiveluch, two more volcanoes in Kamchatka - Karymsky and Kizimen - pose a threat to aviation. Columns of ash periodically rise above their craters, seismic stations register increased activity in the bowels of the giants. All three erupting volcanoes have been assigned an "orange" code to alert them to safety precautions.

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