Fungal complications of covid found in India, identified in Russia

Fungal complications of covid found in India, identified in Russia
Fungal complications of covid found in India, identified in Russia

The number of cases of coronavirus in Russia at the beginning of the week is growing again. During the day - 9328 new cases, which is 800 more than the day before. The largest number of patients is still in Moscow - more than three and a half thousand. Indicators are not decreasing in St. Petersburg, where additional covid beds are being deployed again.

The lowest indicators are in Chukotka, in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, in Tyva and in the Sakhalin Region. At the same time, more than 7 thousand patients have recovered. What influences the numbers of covid statistics and why are they now also detecting fungal infections in seriously ill patients?

Peter said goodbye to the covid hospital at Lenexpo back in February and everyone wanted to believe that it would be forever. But in a week in the northern capital, the number of hospitalizations increased by almost 30 percent. A quarter of the sick are severe. Only 11 percent of beds remained free, and from May 18, the Lenexpo hospital will again begin to accept patients.

In general, the situation in the country remains stable, and in two regions - the Nenets and Chukotka Autonomous Districts - on Monday, May 17, and 0 cases at all. But there is growth in cities with a population of over one million. It is associated with a decrease in the rate of vaccination.

An unprecedented incentive to take root: in Bashkiria, you can win one of 10 expensive smartphones or even an apartment. After vaccination, tickets are issued - the winners will be determined by lot on the air. There are now queues in the vaccination points.

"We have reached the number of more than 10 thousand people who are vaccinated in the republic as a whole every day, despite the past weekend," said Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan Maxim Zabelin.

The main thing that the vaccinated receive is the opportunity to live without fear. This was recalled by the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko. At the anniversary of the Bakulev Center, he takes off and carefully puts the mask in his pocket. And then he explains from the rostrum why.

“Everyone who has received the vaccine or who already has immunity is present in the hall, so we can work in an environment that is safe for you. It is imperative that the whole country becomes like this,” the minister said.

Only in the company of the vaccinated - without a mask, in other public places it is impossible to take it off. If only because, even without pneumonia, the vaccinated can get sick. Here is data from the United States: Of the 95 million vaccinated, about 1 percent tested positive for covid. Russian statistics are still being formed, but we are expecting similar figures.

"Among the population, a certain percentage, 2, 3, up to 5 percent, who cannot respond to certain antigens. We can vaccinate with the best vaccine, but the body cannot produce antibodies," explained the professor, MD, head of the vaccine prevention laboratory and immunotherapy of allergic diseases Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums named after Mechnikov of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Mikhail Kostinov.

Among those who did not have time to get vaccinated and tolerate COVID-19 hard, cases of fungal complications began to be recorded in Russia, which doctors in India had previously warned about. Microscopic fungi that usually live in the soil, against the background of weakened immunity and diabetes, affect people - they germinate in soft tissues, lungs, and the brain.

"Against the background of coronavirus infection, there are such patients, I consulted several such patients. According to our data, only half were saved. This is an extremely serious infection in itself," said Nikolai Klimko, head of the Department of Clinical Mycology, Allergology and Immunology of the Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University.

Unlike India, these cases are rare in Russia. The best protection against any complications of covid infection is, of course, vaccination.

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