A complete overview of BioHorizons implants and their unique characteristics

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A complete overview of BioHorizons implants and their unique characteristics
A complete overview of BioHorizons implants and their unique characteristics

Today there are many brands of artificial roots for dental restoration. However, doctors and their patients try to choose the best that is presented on the implant market. Some also include American implants BioHorizons ("Biohorizont") in the category of the best.

History of creation

The company that manufactures implants BioHorizons ("Biohorizont") is located in the USA, Alabama. It began to operate in 1994, that is, relatively recently. But this did not prevent her from developing well and after 3 years she launched the first implantation system Maestro, which, by the way, exists to this day, but only in a more modified form and under a different name - External Implant System.

On a note! Currently, the manufacturer sells its products, including dental, orthopedic and orthodontic equipment, to 85 countries around the world. And is in constant interaction with practicing doctors to train them and improve the quality of treatment.

Distinctive features of these implant systems

  • made of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V: it contains a little aluminum (6%) and vanadium (4%), which makes BioHorizons implants very durable and wear-resistant. It also allows for the creation of thinner models that are applicable in the setting of a narrow alveolar ridge in the patient. However, in a small proportion of patients, alloys can still cause an allergic reaction,

  • have a special Resorbable Blast Texturing (RBT) surface: it is achieved by sandblasting artificial roots with abrasive particles of beta-tricalcium phosphate. What does it do? A rough surface, ideal for successful engraftment, on which cells of new bone tissue rapidly grow,
  • BioHorizons have the finest threads on the neck: this feature is achieved using the Laser-Lok treatment. Promotes better osseointegration (engraftment) of implants, even distribution of the chewing load. As well as the long-term preservation of the volume of the marginal bone of the alveolar process of the jaw, which tends to atrophy over time,
  • some systems are equipped with a square thread: this feature allows them to be installed with a minimum level of injury, and also serves as an additional stabilizing factor, since it increases the contact area of the artificial root body with bone tissue,
  • have a conical connection for alignment with the abutment: which ensures ease of installation (removal) of leaks and prostheses, and also excludes the formation of micro-gaps between the elements of the system and the penetration of bacteria into the interior.

Benefits of Application

According to research, BioHorizons implant survival rates are very high - 99.2%. The manufacturer gives them a lifetime quality guarantee and claims that they will maintain a smile aesthetics for a long time, since the risk of exposing the metal neck of the implants, due to their unique features and processing method, is minimal.

Another big plus is that the range is represented by a variety of models that can be used for different implantation protocols (two-stage with delayed loading and one-stage with immediate loading of the prosthesis, immediately after tooth extraction), in different clinical situations.

In addition, BioHorizons has developed its own comprehensive protocol that allows patients to receive teeth in literally 1 day - TeethXpress. It involves implanting 4-6 artificial roots into a completely toothless jaw and fixing fixed prostheses on them, with which you can return to full-fledged chewing of food already during the rehabilitation period.

TeethXpress | Floral Park, NY Dentist | Floral park smiles
TeethXpress | Floral Park, NY Dentist | Floral park smiles

In fact, of course, TeethXpress can be classified as a one-step implantation method with immediate loading, similar to those previously developed by Nobel Biocare, for example, all-on-4. However, fans of the BioHorizons brand will love the technology.

Source: website zubi-implanti.ru