Crane - a bird from other worlds

Crane - a bird from other worlds
Crane - a bird from other worlds

Since ancient times, almost all peoples considered the crane to be a sacred bird. The Japanese, for example, believed that the souls of people after death moved into cranes. This bird was considered a symbol of happiness, love and health.

In Russia, there was a special attitude towards the crane. These birds were approached with requests for a good harvest, health and well-being in the family. Seeing a crane wedge was considered a good omen. And you and I, an image (poster, beautiful photo, statuette) of a crane will certainly help to improve our life.

Better tit in hand?

The proverb, known to everyone from time immemorial, "Better a bird in the hands than a crane in the sky" did not appear out of nowhere. The crane is a symbol of high aspirations, global goals. And as we know, fate gives strength to overcome obstacles only to those who set themselves truly difficult tasks. Who is not afraid to lose what little they have in order to achieve their dreams.

If you are ready to let go of the titmouse and chase the crane, be sure to decorate one of the walls of the apartment with a poster with a flying crane or a crane wedge. The main thing is that the birds fly to you, and not from you!

Snake and stone

Be sure to look for a picture of a crane with a snake in its beak. This is a symbol of the fight against evil, capable of attacking and expelling evil entities that encroach on your peace.

A crane with a pebble in its beak is a polysemantic symbol. On the one hand, his image or statuette is necessary if a chatterbox has turned up in your immediate environment, capable of spreading your personal, family or business secrets around the world. And if you know that such a weakness is found with you, all the more resort to the help of this symbol. In a word, if you want to become more prudent and more careful, let your apartment be decorated with an image of a crane with a stone in its beak.

Don't oversleep your happiness

The crane, standing on one leg, and the other squeezing stone, is an ancient symbol of vigilance. The fact is that in real life in such a position the crane can only doze. As soon as he falls asleep for real - the paw will unclench, the stone will fall into the water with a splash and noise - and the bird will wake up, ready to face fate again.

The main meaning of this symbol is a vigilant sentry, ready to fight the enemy at any moment.

Settle the Sun at Home

In ancient mythology, the crane became a companion of Apollo, the patron saint of the arts. Therefore, it makes sense for people of creative professions to put a figurine of a crane on their desktop.

With Hermes, the messenger of the gods, the tireless traveler between the worlds, the crane shares the power of its wings, supports God when the forces leave him. If you want to fly high, achieve your goals - the crane will help you.

Well, the crane helps the goddess of fertility Demeter to give people a rich harvest. Put a garden sculpture of a crane in your summer cottage - you will not know grief.

Divine retribution

And the crane is also a hater of all lies. It could become the emblem of lawyers who solve crimes. Let's remember the old legend "Ivikovy cranes". It tells how, in a wild forest, robbers attacked the poet and singer Ivik, robbed and killed him. No one saw the death of Ivik, but the poet himself, dying, saw a crane wedge in the sky and shouted to the birds to bring the truth about the atrocity to the people. After a while, when the people gathered in the square to listen to the singers, among the crowd were the murderers of the poet. One of them, seeing low flying cranes, said to the second mockingly: "Look, there they are, Ivik's witnesses." His phrase was heard by people and the matter ended badly for the robbers. They were tried and executed.

A figurine or image of a crane will always remind you that not a single offense, not a single evil deed will go unpunished. Even if you do not see it yourself, be sure that your abuser will be rewarded in full measure.

On October 22, an amazing holiday is celebrated: the Day of White Cranes, created at the suggestion of the poet Rasul Gamzatov.

Signs and beliefs with cranes

• If in autumn the crane wedge flies high, slowly, the birds are screaming loudly - wait for "Indian summer".

• The flock has risen on the wing in October - winter will not come earlier than in two or three weeks, and winter will be mild.

• See flying cranes in late August or early September - early cold weather.

• They say, flying away to distant lands, cranes take the souls of the dead with them to heaven, and when they return to their homeland, they bring the souls of babies who will soon be born.

• In many countries, there is a belief that cranes after death are soldiers who died on the battlefield. They keep it even after their death.

• They say that angels who want to visit the world of people in the flesh turn them into cranes. Flying over cities and villages, they evaluate human thoughts and deeds, and then give everyone what they deserve.

• If a pair of cranes appears over the house of a lonely person, he will soon find his soul mate. But meeting with a crane without a pair promises separation from loved ones, sometimes illness. To see a crane wedge in a dream - to guests or important news.

• Hearing the smoking cranes in reality - to good luck.

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