Race of giants on Earth

Race of giants on Earth
Race of giants on Earth

In the legends and myths of most of the peoples of the world, one can find legends about giants. The pyramids of Egypt and South America and the megaliths of Europe are called cyclopean buildings in honor of the one-eyed giants from ancient Greek myths. And even the official history gives some confirmation that giants once lived on Earth, outwardly very similar to people.

Tomb of Antaeus

Tangier is one of the most ancient cities in Morocco, located on the shores of a bay at the foot of the hills, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. The founder of Tangier is considered Antey, who named this city in honor of his beloved wife Tinga. Harf Hill is located not far from this town. In Arabic, Harf means "Hill". According to legend, under Harf there was once the tomb of Antaeus, who died in a battle with the Greek hero Hercules, who came for golden apples to the garden of the Hesperides. According to ancient historians, the battle of Hercules with Antaeus is a historical fact.

In the 4th century BC. the Greek writer Ephemer argued that all Greek mythology is a presentation of real events, and all gods and heroes have specific historical prototypes. According to Ephemer, in this way people tried to preserve the deeds of their distant ancestors for posterity. According to Pliny the Elder, the tomb of Antaeus was 16 meters long. The ancient Romans believed in its existence so much that, taking Tangier, one of the generals ordered his legionnaires to excavate the peak of Harf, where many remains were found.

Five terrestrial races

The assertion that giants once ruled the Earth is found not only in myths and legends, but also in quite authoritative historical sources. The historian Berossus, who lived in ancient Babylon in the IV-III centuries BC, claims that three types of intelligent beings existed on our planet: giants, amphibious people and ordinary people. The prophet Moses wrote about the first in the Old Testament (Genesis, ch. 6, v. 4): “Giants were on earth in those days. Eminent people from the ages”. How did the degradation of the giants begin? Berossus does not report, or these fragments of his work on the history of Babylon have not reached our time. But both Berossus and Moses unanimously assert that the giants suddenly began to oppress ordinary people, were noticed in cannibalism, as well as in incest: all kinds of iniquity. " For which God was angry with them and sent the Flood to the Earth.

Another indirect confirmation of the existence of giants are statues near the Afghan city of Bamyan. Five colossal statues, the first of which is 52 m high, according to esoteric experts, depicts the First Race, which does not have a physical body. The second statue - 36 meters - depicts the Second Race. The third statue - 18 m - perpetuates the fallen Third Race, which conceived the First Physical Race, born of a man and a woman. The statue, representing the First Physical Race, is 5 meters high and depicts the Atlantean race. The last statue, a little taller than modern man, depicts the Fifth Race, the modern one. It is believed that these figures were created by initiates from the Fourth Race, who, after the death of Atlantis, immortalized the history of mankind in stone.

Similar information is contained in the original work of the Aztecs - "Vaticanus Codex". According to this document, four human civilizations consistently existed on Earth. The first generation - the race of giants - became extinct from hunger, the second was destroyed by a gigantic fire. The third generation was carried away by a hurricane of extraordinary strength, and people turned into monkeys. The fourth generation died as a result of the Flood. And only after the death of the fourth generation, the fifth, modern, was born.

Giants are also mentioned in the legends of the ancient Incas. During the reign of the great Inca Ayatarko Kuso, huge people sailed to their country on giant reed rafts. The aliens were so tall that even the tallest Indian could barely reach their knees. The heads of the giants were huge, their hair was black, their eyes were like large plates, and there was no vegetation on their faces. According to some modern scholars, this description is very similar to the appearance of the Egyptian Sphinx. All of the above legends have a lot in common, which certainly makes you wonder.

Adam's footprint

In addition to legends and written sources, science also has some artifacts that indirectly confirm the existence of a race of giants. In South America, in the region of the Okovango River, during the excavation of ancient settlements, huge axes and scrapers were discovered, and in the collection of the US Historical Society there is a gigantic bronze ax 1 m long and weighing 150 kg. The age of the find is estimated at 49 million years. African explorer B. Davidson describes the life of African giants as follows: “These giants were endowed with incredible strength. With one hand, they blocked the flow of rivers. Their voices were so loud that they could be heard from one village to another. When one of the giants coughed, the birds were blown away as if by the wind. On the hunt, they walked hundreds of kilometers in a day, and the killed elephants and hippos were easily thrown on their shoulders and carried home."

The size of giants capable of carrying elephants and hippos on their backs is determined by scientists from the prints of their feet. In the South African province of Transvaal on the Veld plateau in 1912, a human footprint was discovered on a rock. The track measures 1.3 m long and 76 cm wide. This imprint of the left foot of a giant man is pressed into the rock by 15 cm. At the same time, the granite melted, as it were.

Much earlier, on the island of Ceylon, a trace of the right foot was found about 1.5 m long and 80 cm wide. By means of calculations, scientists have found that such a foot size could belong to a person with a height of at least 10.5 m!

According to the legend of the inhabitants of Easter Island, such giants lived on Earth 18 million years ago, but in the process of evolution their growth decreased, and 8 million years ago did not exceed 6 m. It is them that are depicted by the legendary statues of Easter Island.

On the territory of our country, the giants lived a little later. In the 10th century, the ambassador of the Baghdad Caliphate, Ahmed ibn Fadlan, visited the king of the Volga Bulgars, who, according to rumors, had a "man of enormous build". However, when the embassy arrived on the Volga, the giant was already strangled, since the king and his entourage could no longer endure his evil temper. And in 1520, off the coast of Patagonia, Fernand Magellan also met with the giants: “Suddenly we saw a giant on the shore, almost naked. Even the most representative of us reached him only to the waist, besides, he was well built, with a very large face, painted with red paint."

Recent archaeological finds also confirm the existence of giants. In the valley of Ella, archaeologist Simon Dor discovered the skeleton of a giant, struck by a stone. The skeleton is about 3 thousand years old, and its height is 4 m. And in the caves of Ecuador, 3.5-meter skeletons of giants who conquered the Inca country were found.

In early 2007, the public was shocked by a find in the Gobi Desert, where British paleontologists discovered a human skeleton, which was about 15 m tall! The age of the rock in which the remains were found is approximately 45 million years.

After such facts, the conclusion suggests itself that the existence of a race of giants was more than possible. Although, why was it? A number of foreign experts argue that the elusive Bigfoot Yeti is nothing more than a descendant of this very race …

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