Common myths and misconceptions about dental implantation

Common myths and misconceptions about dental implantation
Common myths and misconceptions about dental implantation

Healthy and strong teeth are extremely important for proper chewing and a comfortable life. But due to various diseases, genetic characteristics, poor care and mechanical injuries, they often break or completely fall out. In such situations, modern dental implantation is ready to help. This procedure is very common and even allows you to achieve a snow-white "Hollywood smile". But since dentistry is one of the most talked about medical industries, there are many misconceptions and misconceptions about dental implantation.

Misconception 1. It is highly likely that the implant will not take root and will have to be removed

If dental implantation in Moscow is performed using high-quality materials and using the correct technology, then this cannot be. The fact is that bone tissue and blood cells simply "do not see" the implant. After its installation, the bone grows over it from all sides, which provides a strong and reliable fixation. According to statistics, more than 98% of all installed implants in healthy individuals without severe pathologies of the immune and endocrine systems take root.

Misconception 2. The implantation procedure is very traumatic and painful

After the extraction of a tooth, a wound is really left, which takes a certain time to heal. But professional implantation in Moscow takes this moment into account. First, a special bed is formed for the implant, and after its installation, a protective suture is made. Next, a temporary prosthesis is placed to protect the area. As a result, the wound heals very quickly with minimal discomfort. And since all manipulations are performed using anesthesia, the patient does not experience pain during the operation.

Misconception 3. It is important to keep natural teeth in any condition until they fall out on their own

Around a severely damaged tooth, the jawbone dissolves over time. Modern dental implantation in Moscow will help you to avoid this inexpensively. After a simple operation, it will be possible to eat again comfortably and not experience problems from a damaged tooth.

What other myths go about dental implantation

• There are absolute contraindications for implantation, they should not be placed on certain gums or the elderly. There are indeed risk factors, but not a single technique can do without it.

• Dental implantation is a very time-consuming operation. In practice, the duration of the procedure is on average 20-40 minutes.

• Even the highest quality implant is worse than a natural tooth. This is partly true, but not with regard to mechanical characteristics. After installing really good implants, you can even bite into strong nuts. Still, it is worth taking care of your own teeth and taking care of them daily.

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