NASA is interested in UFOs

NASA is interested in UFOs
NASA is interested in UFOs

The head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Bill Nelson is interested in continuing the work on the study of unidentified flying objects. Reported by CNN.

Nelson noted that none of the high-ranking officials in the space industry knows what exactly the objects that have been observed by the pilots of the US Navy are. In his opinion, UFOs are not evidence of aliens visiting Earth. At the same time, the head of NASA admitted that it is premature to exclude such a possibility.

“We don't know if they are aliens. We don't know if they are enemies. We do not think that this is an optical phenomenon because of the descriptions provided by the pilots of the navy … But we want to know,”he said.

According to press secretary Jackie McGuinness, Nelson did not create a special task force to investigate these phenomena, but instructed researchers to study any questions on the topic that they deem necessary. It is noted that NASA does not work directly with the US Department of Defense on this issue. However, if the agency staff are successful in identifying objects, then "the Pentagon will know about it."

Earlier, the US intelligence services questioned the alien origin of UFOs. However, there is no final decision on what exactly these objects are. At the end of June, US intelligence will submit a report on UFO sightings to the US Congress.

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