Coronavirus can be transmitted through food and water

Coronavirus can be transmitted through food and water
Coronavirus can be transmitted through food and water

Specialists from the S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy, in the recommendations prepared for the Russian Ministry of Defense due to the coronavirus pandemic, named possible ways of infection and noted that healthy people, having had COVID-19, acquire immunity to SARS-CoV-2.

“The air-dust path is questionable due to the low resistance of the virus when drying biological material containing SARS-CoV-2. The airborne transmission mechanism (when coughing, sneezing, talking) is important when clinical signs of the disease appear,”says the guidelines quoted by TASS.

The authors of the work emphasize that it is also possible to become infected with the coronavirus by contact, water and food routes, if a healthy person interacts with objects contaminated with saliva, sputum, feces of an infected person, as well as when drinking raw water and eating thermally unprocessed food containing SARS-CoV -2.

At the same time, as the researchers note, if a person was completely healthy before infection, then after recovering from the coronavirus, he has strong immunity and there is no way to get infected with COVID-19 again. But people who have a mild coronavirus or a person who has had the disease asymptomatically, as well as people with weakened immunity, there is a risk of re-infection. For the treatment of the infected, as scientists suggest, it will be possible to use the blood plasma of those who have already had coronavirus.

Earlier, the Russians were reminded of the possibility of sexual transmission of the coronavirus. Note that the main way to prevent coronavirus infection is to thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20-30 seconds, maintain a distance of at least one and a half to two meters from other people, as well as control your actions - it is not recommended to touch your face with your hands.

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