Rental of construction equipment and tools from professionals

Rental of construction equipment and tools from professionals
Rental of construction equipment and tools from professionals

The main question that arises when renting a construction tool or equipment is the choice of a rental company. Is it better to contact an organization that has more tools, or where managers are more competent? Let's figure it out together.

Large selection of equipment for rent

This criterion is important: with a large assortment, the chances of choosing the model that are optimal in terms of technical characteristics are higher. You just need to be able to choose. Clients may have difficulties with this.

In the process of choosing a construction tool or equipment for rent, the role of a consultant is often decisive. For example, if the customer is poorly guided in the brands of tools, or it is difficult for him to explain the nature of the planned work.

The manager is the main link

In a good rental organization, the manager answering calls is not so much an office worker as a construction professional. These are the specialists who work for the Berinaprokat company.

Sometimes you need to understand, using very vague information, what kind of construction tool for rent is required. Especially if the master does not speak Russian well. For example, as in the audio recording ( attached to the article.

Our manager literally understood from a half-word what construction tool the master wanted to order. Not a gas drill, not a chainsaw, but a wall saw. Although the master has a critically poor command of Russian, the consultant behaved correctly and tried to find out as much information as possible about the nature of the planned work.

Only a professional in the construction industry will be able to understand that you need to cut 30 or rather 40 centimeters of monolithic concrete. It's like the saying “a fisherman sees a fisherman from afar”. While working on a construction site in the past, our manager faced similar situations and could imagine what was to be done.

In most rental companies, office workers who have seen the construction site from afar answer the calls. Such "experts" can help with the selection of construction equipment for rent only within the framework of what they have learned on the Internet.

We also draw your attention to the fact that you should not ridicule the master who speaks poorly in Russian. When you find yourself in a foreign language environment, you will understand how difficult it was for the builder to convey the idea. A typical office worker would laugh, or get angry and hang up. The former builder understood his colleague and tried to help.

At the same time, our manager did not recommend any gas cutter without understanding the situation. The goal of Berinaprokat employees is not to induce a person by any means to rent construction equipment in order to get money. More important for us is the ability to help a person do the job correctly. After all, we are builders and we know how sometimes mutual assistance is needed at a construction site.

And one more thing: the range of construction equipment for rent in our company is rich, so you can choose the best option for almost any job.

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