Prevention against coronavirus

Prevention against coronavirus
Prevention against coronavirus

Coronavirus is a viral disease, for which no cure has yet been invented. Therefore, it is so important to pay due attention to prevention. The disease spreads from person to person. For infection, it is enough to get a drop from the nose or mouth of a sick person. The most common transmission of COVID-19 is through sneezing or coughing. Therefore, it is so important to keep a distance from people when you are on the street - the distance should be at least 2 meters.

How can you get infected and when to see a doctor

The best thing is to self-isolate, adjusting your life in such a way that you have to go out as little as possible. It is permissible to do this only if absolutely necessary - if you need to go to a grocery store or pharmacy. Limit walks. The exception is walking pets. But even do this in the most deserted places.

The World Health Organization recommends that you consult a doctor when the first symptoms of the disease are detected. Better to do it remotely: use your phone, messenger or email. It is the doctor who must coordinate your further actions.

You should know the coronavirus symptoms. The disease is accompanied by:

  • dry cough;

  • high temperature that does not go astray;

  • shortness of breath;

  • loss of the ability to smell.

If you feel really bad, and you have identified some of the symptoms listed above, it is better to immediately call an ambulance.

How to prevent infection with covid-19

Even better is coronavirus prevention. You should always have an antiseptic on hand. Also, wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible (at least 40 seconds). Dry your hands with disposable paper towels.

You should not go outside without a mask, because you never know where you will intersect with a sick person. Keep in mind that you can also be sick, just in some cases the disease proceeds without symptoms. In this case, a person is a carrier of the virus. This is true for young people, while the coronavirus in older people in most cases proceeds with complications. It is worth taking care of them separately: you can buy food products for your elderly neighbors and leave them at the door, pay a communal apartment instead of them via the Internet. Any help is needed, because it is better for retirees not to leave the house at all.

Protection against coronavirus also involves the use of medical gloves. First, it creates a psychological barrier - you touch your face less. Second, you minimize contact with surfaces that may contain the virus. After shopping in the supermarket or walking the dog, gloves should be carefully removed and discarded in a closed container.

The coronavirus in Ukraine, like the coronavirus in Odessa, is gaining momentum, so take all the quarantine bans introduced by the government with full responsibility. Only in this way will you protect yourself and show concern for others.

The materials were provided by the recovery center in Odessa "Nasha Zabota".

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