Pyramids - Cosmic coordinates of the Gods

Pyramids - Cosmic coordinates of the Gods
Pyramids - Cosmic coordinates of the Gods

There is Lake Fushian in China. One and a half thousand years ago, in the center of it there was an island, on which stood an amazingly beautiful temple-city. Here is what oceanologist Leonid GAVRILOV told about him:

“It was a 'golden city' that went under water. And the second legend that exists about him says that there lived a "sea people" who went to the lake and, so to speak, did not return from there."

A Chinese diver dived into the lake and saw ruins and shards of broken dishes. However, full-fledged research required special equipment. Then specialists from Russia were invited. The military showed the divers side-scan sonar photographs of the lake bottom. There were clear rectangular structures of huge stone blocks. But the main discovery awaited the Russians when diving. At the bottom among the ruins, they saw with their own eyes … a huge stepped pyramid! Oceanologist Leonid GAVRILOV testifies:

“There is a pyramid-staircase, similar in size to the Mexican one. Now we can say for sure, because we know the dimensions of each step in meters, and we can compare it with the Mexican pyramid."

The find immediately became a worldwide sensation. Historians have dubbed the ruins "the Chinese Atlantis". Never before under water, and even more so in China, have not seen anything like this.

Research is ongoing. Scientists are trying to determine why the mysterious city went under water. Most likely, a terrible natural disaster happened. Here is how Philip KOPPENS, a researcher of ancient civilizations, thinks about it:

“Undoubtedly, the pyramids were built above the water, and the reason that they are now under water was the rise in sea level or some kind of catastrophe, if we are talking about a lake. In those cases when the pyramids are in the sea, we can say that they are tens of thousands of years old, that is, they were built before the last ice age."

The find on Lake Fushian is very reminiscent of an archaeological mystery at the bottom off the coast of the Japanese island of Yonaguni. Philip KOPPENS says the same:

"In 1999, I was fortunate enough to speak with the chief explorer of Yonaguni, and he told me that there is evidence that these structures used to be above sea level and were built about 12 thousand years ago."

Could a temple on a Chinese lake be a shard of the same civilization? Here is how oceanologist Leonid GAVRILOV answers this question:

“After consulting with geologists, Chinese archaeologists gave them samples of stone, soil and ceramics that were there. Geologists have named two possible dates for the earthquake that happened at this place. This is 5, 5 thousand years or 12 thousand years ago. Based on these dates, we can already talk about the estimated age of the find itself, the city itself."

But what kind of mysterious people managed to build grandiose stepped pyramids long before the heyday of the Celestial Empire civilization? The path to unraveling this mystery, perhaps, will be indicated by one amazing historical document - the Troanian manuscript. This is the text of the ancient Maya Indians. It was found in the Yucatan Peninsula by the French archaeologist Brasseur de BOURBUR and is now in the British Museum in London. This document tells in detail about the death of the mysterious ancient continent in the Pacific Ocean.

It directly says: “In the year 6 an, on the 11th day of the Muluk month of Sak, terrible earthquakes began, which continued until the 13th Chuen without interruption. The land of the hills of land - the land of Mu - was sacrificed. Moved twice from its place, it disappeared during the night, incessantly shaking with lights from under the ground. Finally, the surface of the earth could not stand, and ten countries were torn apart and scattered. They sank along with 64 million inhabitants 8060 years before the time this is written …"

This is an absolutely authentic text, and its content speaks directly about the disappeared civilization! The same is written in another Mayan source - the Codex of Cortez. Here is what Valery UVAROV, director of MITSUFI at the Russian National Security Academy, tells about it:

“Approximately 16 thousand years ago, as a result of the fall of a large planetoid into the Pacific Ocean region, there was a strong earthquake, a break in the earth. We can estimate its depth by estimating the depth of the Mariana Trench - 11 kilometers crack. Accordingly, this entire area sank. The islands remained from the Pacifida. There are pyramidal surviving complexes on these islands. I'm talking about complexes that today are little known or generally unknown to science, they have yet to be discovered."

Ancient texts brought to us stories about the death of two civilizations. This means that history is older than commonly believed. Every day, science gives discoveries that confirm the tragic fate of the inhabitants of Atlantis and Lemuria. But if they built the pyramids, when was it?

Here we return to the question of the true age of the great Egyptian pyramids. Scientists have calculated on many grounds that the real age of these structures is not four and a half thousand years, as it is written in textbooks, but much more. Researcher Christopher DUNN, following many of his colleagues, calls the number 10-12 thousand years.

The ancient Egyptian priest Manetho compiled a single chronicle - the history of the country. After studying it, scientists came to the conclusion that ancient people did not distinguish between truth and fiction. The Egyptians were convinced that they were originally ruled by the gods who lived on Earth. This blessed time was called Zep Tepi. The granite temple on the Giza plateau and the great pyramid of Cheops are associated with the gods - Osiris and his wife Isis. The archaeologist Hartwig HAUSDORF writes about this, in particular:

“The reign of Osiris, according to Manetho, falls on the middle of the tenth millennium BC. Thus, we get the age of the pyramids - they were built twelve and a half thousand years ago."

The Sphinx and the pyramids on the Giza plateau were most likely erected at the same time. The statue of a lion with a human head is carved out of the rock and is one with it in composition. And the sandstone from the trench around the Sphinx went to the construction of temples near the pyramids.

It's hard to believe, but the Sphinx can tell us exactly its date of birth! He looks straight to the sky to the east. The sun rises exactly in the east on the vernal equinox. Thus, the figure of the Sphinx seems to be following this point in the sky. And it is constantly shifting relative to the stars, because a phenomenon is associated with it, which is called the precession of the earth's axis. The essence of this phenomenon is explained by the historian, researcher of the pyramids Graham HANCOK:

“Our Earth spins like a top and thus makes a slow-slow cycle of 25,920 years. Modern computer programs can recreate the position of the stars in the sky and the appearance of the starry sky as it was in any era."

Our planet rotates not just around its own axis and around the Sun. Her movement is more difficult. The axis of the Earth describes a cone, and this displaces the astronomical coordinate system. Thanks to this movement, the vernal equinox comes a little earlier every year. This process is very slow, a full cycle takes 25,920 years. The point at which the Sphinx is looking moves along the horizon on the map of the starry sky - backward along the twelve constellations of the Zodiac. Now the planet has left the era of Pisces and entered the era of Aquarius. If we assume that the Egyptian Sphinx, that is, the lion, embodies the figure of the Zodiac on the horizon, it remains to calculate when the constellation Leo was exactly in the east. By a strange coincidence, 12,500 years ago. Same date again!

Graham HANCOK comments on the result:

“And at the same time, the gaze of the Sphinx will be directed directly to the vernal equinox, which it was 12,500 BC. And it is not by chance that the Sphinx embodies the lion, for there was the constellation of Leo on the horizon. The planet was in the era of this zodiac sign."

Scientists continued to compare the orientation of ancient structures on the Giza plateau relative to the stars and came to an amazing discovery. It turned out that when viewed from above, the three famous pyramids and the ribbon of the Nile River exactly copy the position of the three main stars of the constellation Orion and the Milky Way. But is it possible to believe in such accidents?

The engineer, researcher of the pyramids Christopher DUNN says the same:

“If we look from above at the three pyramids of Giza, they are not lined up. The third pyramid seems to be shifted slightly to the side. All this together resembles the position of the three stars in Orion's belt."

But even this position of the stars is not today. If you rewind the path of rotation of the earth's axis again, then the diagram of the complex accurately shows the date - 4500 years ago. The time when it was built, according to the official Egyptology.

Which of the two dates denotes the time of the construction of the pyramids - 4500 years ago or 12,500? Suppose then a new time has come on Earth, and this was very important for everyone living. Apparently, this was an event that radically changed the life of the planet. Most likely a global catastrophe … And the builders of the pyramids have written this date in stone for posterity. And 4500 years ago, the sacred complex on the Giza plateau was either completed or repaired. But could a civilization exist on Earth 12,500 years ago that managed to survive such a cataclysm? Christopher DUNN reflects on this:

“The Egyptians might well have come later and settled around these pyramids. Aside from the hieroglyphs, nothing else indicates that it was the Egyptians who built them."

All ancient pyramids on the planet can be divided according to one characteristic. The first, including the three main Egyptian ones, are oriented exactly to the modern North Pole. Others, such as the Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico, are 15 degrees east. And according to ancient texts, all pyramids should look strictly to the north. Experts believe that the geographic pole of the planet once shifted after a terrible cataclysm. This means that the Mexican pyramids were erected earlier. According to geologists, a planetary catastrophe - the onset of the ice age and further sharp melting of ice, which could be the biblical Great Flood - all this happened about thirteen thousand years ago.

The historian, researcher of the pyramids, Graham HANCOK, says the same:

“It seems to me that the cataclysm was so sudden that it destroyed overnight some highly developed ancient civilization, and humanity has forgotten everything. But some of them survived and settled around the world. They later shared their knowledge with the natives. One of the centers of new civilizations was Egypt, its city of Giza, the second - the Mayan pyramids. They built pyramids to commemorate the end of their civilization, to show us the date - the day the Earth stood still. And at the same time convey to us what knowledge they possessed”.

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