Polar bears leave the Chukchi village

Polar bears leave the Chukchi village
Polar bears leave the Chukchi village

The polar bears that settled near the Chukchi village of Ryrkaipiy a few weeks ago are gradually leaving it. Governor of Chukotka Roman Kopin told about this on his Instagram account.

At the beginning of the month, more than fifty individuals of the Red Book animals stopped in the vicinity of the village due to the fact that the abnormally warm weather did not allow them to move along the immature ice by the traditional migration route. The villagers were scared.

According to the governor, the weather conditions made it possible to deliver to Ryrkaipiy everything necessary to ensure the safety of the local population, in particular: lighting equipment, noise cartridges. In order to take the bears away from the village, feeding points were organized, and the volunteers of the "Bear Patrol" delivered walrus carcasses there as food for the predators.

Despite the stabilization of the situation, the Chukotka authorities have already begun to prepare for next year, it is planned to provide the settlement with everything necessary in advance in case the situation repeats.

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Bears leave Ryrkaipija. Sea ice grows stronger and predators rush into their natural habitat. Of the 56 animals in the vicinity of the village, only seven individuals remained. The situation is under my personal control. Ryrkaypiy was visited by scientists, the head of the district. The necessary lighting, noise cartridges and a snowmobile were delivered to the village to patrol the surroundings. # BearPatrol is watching (thanks @ minenko84), residents are guarded by police, border guards. Polar bears in the distant northern village of Ryrkaipii interested the whole of Russia: worried citizens sent messages from all over the country. Now there is no reason to worry. Scientists monitor the condition of bears and their movements. The animals are active, well-fed, and look healthy. Most are young. For them, "feeding points" are arranged, located far from the village. Carcasses of walruses, which bears eat, were brought there to minimize the risk of meeting animals with people. Separately, I note: the shooting of the Red Book beast is completely excluded. #personallyKopin #whitebear #beringovspill #myskozhevnikova

Publication of Roman Kopin (@romankopin) Dec 18, 2019 12:33 pm PST

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