An invasion of foxes is observed in Chukotka

An invasion of foxes is observed in Chukotka
An invasion of foxes is observed in Chukotka

Chanterelle season in Chukotka. This is how local residents sign their photos with wild foxes on social networks. Recently, there have been a lot of predators even near large cities. Animals boldly go out to people and even take food from their hands. This situation worries veterinarians.

Foxes in the city. A large number of red predators appeared in the vicinity of Anadyr. The inhabitants feed them - the animals make contact. However, this situation raises serious concerns on the part of veterinary specialists and hunting inspectors, because foxes can pose a serious danger.

The social networks of residents of Anadyr were filled with videos and photographs of red foxes. This year, a whole invasion of these animals is observed in the vicinity of the city. The District Office for the Conservation and Use of Wildlife says that the growth of the fox population is associated with an increase in the food supply. Experts even call the last year in Chukotka a mouse year - lemings have bred here, which are just hunted by foxes. And when food is plentiful, it is easier for animals to feed their offspring, and accordingly the population grows.

Many foxes do not show fear, they can approach people and literally take food from their hands. Veterinarians are sounding the alarm. Such bait is dangerous for humans. Foxes, like all wild animals, are carriers of various diseases. The main and most dangerous of them is rabies, which can lead to the death of a person.

Feeding foxes often return to the city. And people behave imprudently - they approach animals, take pictures with them. But even a professional sometimes has difficulty determining whether the "redhead" is sick with anything.

In April, in the village of Lavrentia, Chukotka region, due to such visits of sick foxes, quarantine for rabies was declared. The measures taken made it possible to avoid infections among people and pets. In the near future, the district veterinary department will prepare documents for lifting the special quarantine regime. But the situation with the frequent appearance of foxes in the district capital raises concerns.

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