Accumulator battery Delta HRL 12-33 X

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Accumulator battery Delta HRL 12-33 X
Accumulator battery Delta HRL 12-33 X

Delta HRL 12-33 X battery

The Delta brand battery charger is designed for use in systems that require a continuous supply of electricity. The first release of this battery model took place in 2018. The device is an upgraded version of the well-known HRL 12-33 line, which began production in 2003.

A distinctive feature that sets the new version of the device apart from its predecessor is its appearance. The previous movement was orange, while the modernized movement is blue. The changes also affected the cipher, which designates each battery. Now at the end of the designation there is an "X" index.

The Delta HRL 12-33 X accumulator battery is included in the "Premium" category. This accessory is due to the increased performance characteristics of the structure.

Battery application and purpose

The presented power supply is a multifunctional operating mechanism that performs a wide range of tasks due to the fact that it can be used by installations operating in the presence of an uninterrupted supply of current.

A characteristic feature of the Delta HRL 12-33 X battery allows you to use the equipment in uninterruptible power supply installations, and also be used as a backup power source.

The main places of application of the unit are considered to be fire-fighting, security installations, objects operating on alternative types of energy. Also, the devices can be used for setting up connecting systems and arranging, supplying electricity to medical equipment.

Technical features

The charging mechanism belongs to the UPS series, the main purpose of which is considered to be an uninterrupted power supply. The main structural component is considered to be lead, which has been treated with calcium. Additional additives, together with this element, contribute to the accumulation and retention of electricity. Upgraded technological processes allow the battery to power de-energized equipment for a long time.

The main advantages of the device will be:

  • low indicator of internal resistance;
  • minimum self-discharge rate;
  • gas recombination (up to 99%);
  • lack of constant maintenance.

The nominal voltage value is 12 V.