Advantages and types of automatic roller shutters

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Advantages and types of automatic roller shutters
Advantages and types of automatic roller shutters

The safety of property worries many people, including entrepreneurs. For these purposes, reinforced door structures and burglar alarms are used. It is also necessary to secure window openings, and for this, special structures are used.

The most practical protection option is automatic roller shutters for windows. They can be controlled from a distance using a remote control. If there is no electricity, the roller shutters are manually operated.


Automatic roller shutters are popular. This is explained by the advantages they have, which include:

  • ease of use;
  • saving time;
  • easy control;
  • versatility:
  • security.

After installation of roller shutters, an air cushion is created between the wall and the roller shutter. It acts as an insulating layer, so the room will be warm in winter and fresh in summer.

It is possible to install automatic roller shutters in openings of any size - on window openings, showcases, garages, and warehouse entrances.

What profiles are used

Automatic roller shutters have two types of lamellas - steel or aluminum. They, in turn, can be classified into lattice, foam or extruded.

Foam-filled profiles.

These roller shutters are lightweight, but at the same time they have high strength. They are made from aluminum, so they are not subject to corrosion, safe for humans and the environment. The elements have two walls, and the inner space is filled with filler (foam). They prevent the penetration of noise and protect against temperature fluctuations. Such roller shutters are resistant to mechanical stress.

Extruded profiles

They are available in steel or aluminum. Each element, in addition to the filler, has a crate that creates stiffening ribs. Roller shutters made of such profiles have a high rigidity, therefore they are used for installation not only on windows, but also on a garage opening.

Lattice profiles

The installation of such structures takes place on commercial buildings. Lattice elements are lightweight, but have high strength, so they are difficult to break or deform.

Installation of automatic roller shutters is carried out both inside the opening and outside. This is convenient for those building owners who do not want to spoil the look of the exterior finish.

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